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Comment: Re:Hey Slashdot Editor! (Score 1) 341

by omen (#42091553) Attached to: The World Falls Back In Love With Coal

I'd like to see a source for that. More radiation than a properly functioning nuclear plant, maybe.

[ To copy a post from myself from 2005. ] I find this interesting. It's a little old (1982), but the summary is:

For the year 1982, assuming coal contains uranium and thorium concentrations of 1.3 ppm and 3.2 ppm, respectively, each typical plant released 5.2 tons of uranium (containing 74 pounds of uranium-235) and 12.8 tons of thorium that year. Total U.S. releases in 1982 (from 154 typical plants) amounted to 801 tons of uranium (containing 11,371 pounds of uranium-235) and 1971 tons of thorium. These figures account for only 74% of releases from combustion of coal from all sources. Releases in 1982 from worldwide combustion of 2800 million tons of coal totaled 3640 tons of uranium (containing 51,700 pounds of uranium-235) and 8960 tons of thorium.

And that's just for one year. The projected cumulative stats for year 2040 (100 years of coal burning):

U.S. release (from combustion of 111,716 million tons): Uranium: 145,230 tons (containing 1031 tons of uranium-235) Thorium: 357,491 tons Worldwide release (from combustion of 637,409 million tons): Uranium: 828,632 tons (containing 5883 tons of uranium-235) Thorium: 2,039,709 tons

Personally, I'd rather use nuclear power and know where all the radioactive material is than burn coal and have it dispersed into the atmosphere. Omen

Comment: Re:Like MacPorts, or Fink? (Score 1) 370

by omen (#36648708) Attached to: Apple Ships OS X 10.7 Lion 'Gold Master' For July Push

I'd rather have something that is a bit more Mac like. When I compile UNIX stuff on OS X, I configure it with --prefix=/opt/{package_name}. I can then uninstall it by just deleting the package directory and copy it to a new machine by just copying that directory. I'd love to see a simple package manager built around this idea.

You're after stow http://www.gnu.org/software/stow/

"GNU Stow is a program for managing the installation of software packages, keeping them separate (/usr/local/stow/emacs vs. /usr/local/stow/perl, for example) while making them appear to be installed in the same place (/usr/local). "

Comment: Re:e-Books Still a Scam (Score 1) 204

by omen (#35837978) Attached to: E-Book Sales Have Tripled In the Last Year

I refuse to buy e-Books until the prices come down to lower than paperbacks [snip]. And I'm certainly not going to buy them if they are locked to a device or a certain company's devices.

Baen books from http://www.webscription.net/ satisfy both of your requirements. If you purchase the monthly Webscription pack you get 6 - 8 books for $18 (use to be $15, they just raised the price). The books are completely DRM free, available in multiple formats, and can be downloaded over and over if you change devices which require different formats. Or just download the ePub format and use Calibre (mentioned above) to convert it to any format you need.


+ - Americans may need passports to board flights?->

Submitted by
xanadu113 writes "Americans may need passports to board domestic flights or to picnic in a national park next year if they live in one of the states defying the federal Real ID Act.

The act, signed in 2005 as part of an emergency military spending and tsunami relief bill, aims to weave driver's licenses and state ID cards into a sort of national identification system by May 2008. The law sets baseline criteria for how driver's licenses will be issued and what information they must contain."

Link to Original Source

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