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+ - Five years of the Go programming language!->

Submitted by omar.sahal
omar.sahal writes: Go celebrates five years of it's existence with this blog post recapping a little history, future and some philosophy.

Five years ago we launched the Go project. It seems like only yesterday that we were preparing the initial public release: our website was a lovely shade of yellow, we were calling Go a "systems language", and you had to terminate statements with a semicolon and write Makefiles to build your code. We had no idea how Go would be received. Would people share our vision and goals? Would people find Go useful?

The Go programming language has grown to find it own niche in the cloud computing word, having been used to code Docker and the Kubernetes projects. The developers also announce details of further projects to be released, such as a new low-latency garbage collector and support for running Go on mobile devices.
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Comment: Re: Don't agree with the reasoning (Score 1) 363

by omar.sahal (#46383101) Attached to: UAE Clerics' Fatwa Forbids Muslims From Traveling To Mars
I'm actually a Muslim, who has some interest and self and formal study on Islam. Suicide is not part of the tradition of Islam, it has approximately 30 years of history in Islam. This started with Hezbollah conducting a suicide attack during the Lebanon war. Islam is vast, full knowledge I think is beyond me, and most people. This is because the Qur'an, the hadith (sayings and actions of the prophet) are all sources. The hadith alone represent millions of accounts and sayings, which all have to be verified with the number of people retelling the same events, along the the biographies of these witnesses. Plus some parts of the Qur'an abrogate others, each verse can be a sourse of law. This is because the Quran was composed over a twenty year period of the Prophets life, and times change. These are only the sources mind you, there's a bit more than this that goes into what is considered Islam. I suggest that you learn something about Islam.

Comment: Re:Don't agree with the reasoning (Score 1) 363

by omar.sahal (#46309965) Attached to: UAE Clerics' Fatwa Forbids Muslims From Traveling To Mars
Actually in the case of someone recanting ones faith in the face of persecution Islam is ok with that, as long as you don't really mean it and your trying to save your life. What many on Slashdot don't know is it's an imperative to preserve life in Islam, we do have Muslims, with a belief backed by enormous amounts of oil money, that would use suicide in military situations though. The death under persecution argument doesn't support your hypothesis. P.S. it is very possible that there's more to it than I know.

+ - Paint that gives you solar power, and it's cheap->

Submitted by omar.sahal
omar.sahal writes: writes about a promising new break through in solar powered paint. Although other forms of solar paint have been developed inhabitat thinks this development has particular promise.

NextGen Solar has announced that their new breed of cheap solar paint is closer than ever now that the company has raised half of the $1 million it needs to move out of the lab and into the real world. The company’s solar paint is expected to provide up to 40% efficiency at a third of the cost of traditional photovoltaic panels. That’s partially because the paint captures more wavelengths of light than traditional cells. The material, which forms small connected solar cells as it dries, can be applied to nearly any surface–windows, walls, roofs, and more."
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Comment: Re:The big difference here is (Score 1) 679

This shouldn't be marked a troll without looking into it. The link below shows evidence of his attending the National Journalism Center, designed by Philip Morris to produce effective contacts within the media in order to feed biased research to, and other wise argue their cause. He also spent time at a right wing think tank, known to push neo-con ideals. I make no claims against Gladwell, how ever there is evidence to support the above comments, that should be looked at to assess the accusation.

+ - Light Table Funding Success->

Submitted by omar.sahal
omar.sahal writes: Chris Granger's Light Table IDE, covered here previously on Slashdot has been successfully funded by a Kickstarter campaign. 7,317 backers brought in $316,720, obliging Chris to support the Python Programming language with his first release. Chris and his team have also been successful in being funded by xy combinator.

Some more back ground on the concepts developed by Bret Victor found in Light Table

More on Light Table

The previous Light Table story

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+ - Richard Stallman – software freedom activist speaks on russia today ->

Submitted by omar.sahal
omar.sahal writes: Richard Stallman is on Russia today spreading the word of free software. Stallman talks about free software, Linux and Steve Jobs. Also announces that he does not use a mobile, as it's a device for surveillance. Also tells the presenter the differences between free software and open source. He then goes on to explain what the word hacker means.
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Comment: Re:What's new? (Score 4, Informative) 137

by omar.sahal (#39700163) Attached to: Light Table: A New Spin on the IDE
Watch this, his lectue and demo and then tell me it's the same as we already have, and that a man charged with designing new forms of human computer interaction at Apple didn't know this. Also please respond with why he wasted our time telling us something that already comonly exsisted in the software world, as well as how the confrence organisor and who ever aproved posting missed all this. I was happy to see my post on slashdot. It's quite heavily edited, but this has improved the post. One question for slashdot, is the reason many posts get rejected due to posters needing heavy editing and this not having been done in the past.

+ - Light Table - a new IDE concept->

Submitted by omar.sahal
omar.sahal writes: Bret Victor (covered previously on slashdot) demoed the idea of instant feedback on your code. Victor's concept runs a little like a interpretor on your code, but in realtime. This allows the programer to instantly see what his programe is doing. Chris Granger has turned this novel idea into Light Table — a new IDE designed to make use of the Victor's insights.

Bret Victor — Inventing on Principle —
Update on the project —

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