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Comment: Re:Spacetime (Score 1) 520

by oljanx (#35054050) Attached to: Kilogram Gets Controversial; Why Not Split the Difference?

So why not define it as a certain amount of curvature - say the mass needed to bend a light beam in vacuo by some measurable amount

That would mean defining the kilogram in terms of another unit. There is some interdependency in the definition of base SI units, but I think the idea is to avoid that where possible.

Comment: Re:complete with tracking and statistics (Score 1) 244

by oljanx (#33756222) Attached to: Google URL Shortener Opened To the Public
I'd like to see a URL shortening service that doesn't automatically redirect you, but rather displays a page with the destination URL, which you can then review before clicking. I'm sure there are such sites, but I've never seen one. My guess is that the extra step involved prevents them from being widely adopted.

Comment: The CRA (Score 2, Interesting) 646

by oljanx (#33597292) Attached to: High Fructose Corn Syrup To Get a Makeover
The Corn Refiners Association calls itself a "trade group". Basically it is a propaganda and lobbying machine. Increasingly and accurately people are realizing that corn syrup, specifically high fructose corn syrup, isn't exactly the healthiest thing you can feed yourself and your children. It's in damn near everything that, Americans at least, eat today. It's cheap to produce and appealing to the taste buds. The CRA seems to think that if they change the name of the product they represent, we'll all forget that it's making us fat.

Comment: Re:What is RSS for anyway? (Score 4, Informative) 111

by oljanx (#33558362) Attached to: Ask.com To Shut Down Bloglines
RSS is not dead and dying. One particular RSS reader is dead and dying. An RSS reader aggregates and allows you to preview the content published to many different websites, all from one place. If your like me, and you read from dozens of websites every day, you understand why this might be useful.

Comment: Re:Assumed homogeneity (Score 1) 286

by oljanx (#33517636) Attached to: The Real 'Stuff White People Like'
If I follow you correctly -- your assumption is that due to their economic status black males tend to live in larger and less diverse groups than white males. And as a result they are more likely to have similar interests. Ok that makes sense. And unfortunately you are correct that statistically, white males generally find themselves in better financial situations, which does give them more flexibility when deciding where they want to live. But, last time I checked, upper middle class white males (and/or females) don't often locate themselves in culturally diverse areas. They tend to stick with their flock, just like everyone else. It's human nature. As a result the geographic distribution factor is probably not as significant as you might think.

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