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Comment: You're only hot once (Score 2) 129

by oliverk (#37407782) Attached to: Facebook To Put Off IPO Until Late 2012

I've got an old theory that everyone's hot at some point in their lives...which is why it's difficult to see a cute little kid knowing full well they've got a devastating blow coming to them as their nose grows too long, their face takes on odd proportions or their complexion goes to pot, oftentimes before they've even hit dating years.

Now, there's Facebook. Did they get hot once already and the decline is starting to set in? When you think about the "social infrastructure," are they the first to come to mind? Does Google actually have the opportunity to change the game on them in a way that they'll never be able to compete with? And does the radical demise of every hot property from CompuServe to Yahoo! tell us everything we need to know about how deep our roots are in the social world?

Not saying it's true, just saying it's worth pondering...

Comment: SHOCKED (Score 1) 951

by oliverk (#37249372) Attached to: Microsoft 'Ribbonizes' Windows 8 File Manager

Seriously, according to TFA, 1% of users use the "New Folder" command in Windows Explorer while a gobsmackingly large 6% of users use the "New Item" command. Seriously? Who creates a new Word doc this way??? Or Excel? Or anything else, for that matter? Stubbing out a blank document is non-sensical to me...and I'm apparently alone in that.

Comment: The cable companies will run in fear (Score 1) 223

by oliverk (#37129002) Attached to: Can Google Fix the Cable Box?

Let's be really clear here for a moment that the cable companies are NEVER going to let Google implement what's possible or what the consumer desires in the way of a proper set top box. Don't you just implicitly expect things like Slingbox to just, y'know, work? Nope...impacts revenue. How about HBO GO? again, that's a problem from a demand forecasting perspective. The cable companies win today by limiting choices (options, bandwidth consumption, etc) and Google would invariably want to uncork that. Not going to happen. Oh, here's my other favorite: what happens when someone tricks out the API and gives the entire customer base free access to everything?

The cable companies are the RIAA of the airwaves and will never tolerate this happen. Expect more of the same...unless Google intends to start laying their own fiber, too. Oh, wait...

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