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Comment: Can't remember title (Score 1) 1244

by oldguy62 (#39270125) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Good, Forgotten Fantasy & Science Fiction Novels?
Many years ago I read a book, the plot was, a cop was involved in a shootout and was hit bad. He woke up in an alternate universe where everyone carried weapons as a legal right. His first memory in this new world was of a paisley hovercraft ---alternative to a car-- and his rescue and return to health with the help of a couple and their mother ( I think) they used lighter than air craft for long journeys. I remember the cover art, a large simian wearing a bandoleer and holding a large handgun. If any of you recall this book I sure would like to reread it. I have read most of the books mentioned in this post, I am a very avid science fiction reader; not so much fantasy :P Try John Scalzi's Old mans war, David Weber's The Honor Harrington series, Ben Bova Moonwar series, Jeffrey Carver Eternities end, Philip K Dick do androids dream of electric sheep(Bladerunner), David Drake's Hammers Slammers series, and if you want something more--- adult--- try Angela Knight Mercenary series, I could go on for a long time. Somewhere out on the web is a group of files that can be downloaded, called library of science fiction and fantasy, I found it on the something or other bay-- a ton of files that kept me in reading material for years.

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