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Comment: Prices here: (Score 1) 224

by olddotter (#32323510) Attached to: Seagate Launches Hybrid SSD Hard Drive
I read through the article to see the prices:
"The initial three drives in the Seagate Momentus XT line-up will retail for $156 (500GB), $132 (320GB), and 250GB ($113). Those prices equate to roughly $0.31 to $0.45 per gigabyte, which puts these drive within striking distance of a standard HD in terms of price and much less expensive than any SSD."

This looks interesting enough for me to look into the compatibility with my MacBook Pro. Anyone with a MacBook Pro had sizing problems when replacing the hard drive? I imagine the size tolerance to be tiny in the modern MacBooks.

Comment: Who cares? (Score 0, Troll) 383

by olddotter (#32253550) Attached to: Mobile 'Remote Wipe' Thwarts Secret Service

Really, your telling me there are plans for the Death Star on the phone and you can't get them any other way if it gets wiped?

Call history will be with the phone company, get a warrant. So you loose self incriminating video they took of themselves committing the crime, probably to post on youtube later...

+ - Bullying Suicide->

Submitted by olddotter
olddotter (638430) writes "I just wonder if the press will ever make the connection between this and school shootings. Each is a violent reaction to dire emotional stress from class-mates. One turned inward, and one turned outward before turning inward. Its just two sides of the same coin."
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Comment: In the real world (Score 1) 694

by olddotter (#31900542) Attached to: Why Computer Science Students Cheat
How much of that would be frowned upon in the real world? If you can find an example on a web site, your manager isn't going to care if you lift it. As long as it doesn't cause a IP lawsuit. In fact, for probably 20 years since the introduction of object oriented design, the industry has preached "code reuse."

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