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Comment: Progressives are wrong choice. (Score 1) 464

by oldCoder (#48754591) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Progressive Glasses a Mistake For Computer Users?
Ask your optometrist for "Computer glasses". They know what they are:
  1. Wider field of view that doesn't change prescription going left to right or up and down. The whole screen in in focus and is clear at once. Also the other screen. So you can change what you're looking at by moving your eyes, not your head.
  2. Focused about an arm's length away. Not close like reading. And not "Distance". This is the key.
  3. Can be the upper half of visible-line bifocals, with the lower half a reading prescription.
  4. None of the shape-distortion that happens with progressive lenses, where straight lines can look curved.

This is especially important as you get older. Half the problem with elders failing to use computers is they can not read the screen. And be sure to keep your computer glasses near the computer, and don't wear them for driving, running, or even hiking. You may need a pair of "distance" glasses for that.

Your prescription may vary. If you're 18 years old with good vision, you don't need any glasses at all.

Comment: Re:Summmary seems very one sided (Score 1) 402

by oldCoder (#47595835) Attached to: The High-Tech Warfare Behind the Israel - Hamas Conflict
And if that Bolivia was between Mexico and the US, and kept on sending rockets, suicide bombers, and kidnappers, America would quickly get completely fed up and blast 'em to smithereens. Instead of 1700 dead there'd be 17,000. Or more. Arguments over news reporting would be a footnote.

Comment: Re:Hamas are Terrorists (Score 1) 402

by oldCoder (#47595787) Attached to: The High-Tech Warfare Behind the Israel - Hamas Conflict
  1. We don't have a good definition of "Terrorism" that is shared among us all, so the term becomes kicked around and abused. So I've stopped using it. By the way, the Hebrew word for terrorism does not involve the concept of terror or fear.

  2. The governments involved, including the PA, have come to believe in a "Two State Solution", but Hamas does not. And Hamas is in a position to threaten the success of any 2-state plan, by taking over the West Bank, and starting another war with Israel. I believe this is the reason that Hamas is being destroyed. I think this is why the PA and several Arab states are very muted in their criticism of Israel during this war: Hamas is their enemy too.

    If Israel does not destroy Hamas this time around, then my theory is probably wrong.

  3. Hamas never sought anything peacefully. The PA has engaged in diplomacy, but Hamas, not. The rest of your narrative is one-sided, propagandistic and tendentious, too.

Comment: Re:When did the Jews become the Nazis? (Score 1) 868

by oldCoder (#47565719) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

If Israel wanted to kill masses of Arabs, they would have. Instead, the populations of Gaza and the West Bank are soaring.

The Arabs are free to leave. There are practical difficulties, but the Israelis aren't preventing departure.

In Israel, Arabs and Druze have equal or nearly equal rights, and are judges, soldiers, lawyers, doctors, and businessmen. Arabic is one of Israel's national languages.

The acid test of whether criticism of Israel is really Jew hatred is if the standards applied to Israel are the same as for other countries. Compare the performance, for example, of Israeli air power on Gaza to the performance of American air power on Afghanistan. It turns out the ratio of civilians killed to bombs dropped is higher for the Americans.

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