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Comment: so many for so many different reasons (Score 1) 796

by ohearn (#45847093) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Books Everyone Should Read?
Bible and Koran for cultural influences all around the world and if you want a good grip on the Bible get as old af a version as you can plus the newer translations both and the The Apocrypha Constitution, and really the federalist papers as well for more insight into the mind set of many of the country's founders OK this one if US-centric, but shift documents appropriately for whatever country you live in I good Highschool/college 101 level textbook on physics, biology, and chemistry Most people don't need to retain it all unless they go into science or engineering of some sort, but really things everyone should have a basic handle on Illiad, Oddessy, Lord of the Rings, Shakespeare, Chaucer just the joy of reading them and expanding one's mind, plus the cultural references that stem from them The Hayne's manual on whatever vehicle you own, because the ability to do basic maintenance and repairs on one's vehicle is a very practical skill to have Any decent cookbook for similar reasons, as well as a basic intro to sewing book (by hand or machine) Plato's Republic, so much of the political structure in the Western world is based on ideas contained in this book Fahrenheit 451, Starship Troopers (just pretend the movie never existed), 1984 all for insight on where society in different ways Rules for Radicals, and the Communist Manifesto because regardless of which side of the political isle you fall on, ideas from these two get used in politics a lot The Art of War, because even if military history and strategy aren't your thing, some of the ideas can be used in almost every aspect of life
Role Playing (Games)

Final Fantasy I and II Are Coming To the iPhone and iPod Touch 142

Posted by Soulskill
from the go-red-wings dept.
jonasvdc tips an announcement by Square Enix that Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II are being developed for the iPhone and the iPod touch. The graphics and UI have been modified to look and run better on the touchscreen devices, but everything from Cecil to the classic Black Mage is clearly recognizable. The announcement did not include any information on a price or release date.

Comment: Re:could someone articulate to me (Score 1) 211

by ohearn (#22846348) Attached to: California Edges Toward Joining Real ID Revolt
You should see what happens when you hand them a militaty ID. I've yet to see law enforcement carry a CAC card reader, even in towns that have military bases. Unless they have the proper scanner all they get is a pic, name, and which department under DOD I work for. Everything else is stored in a combination of barcode (pixel code might be more accurate description actually, magnetic swipe, and embedded computer chip.

Of course I also doubt the whole issue of technically not being allowed into a federal building (including court rooms, even if you are he one on trial) without a RealID compliant license carries much weight when you pull out a DOD access card for ID.

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