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NASA Tests All-Composite Prototype Crew Module 67

coondoggie writes "With an eye toward building safer, lighter and tougher spacecraft, NASA said today its prototype space crew module made up of composite materials handled tests simulating structural stresses of launch and atmospheric reentry. The idea behind NASA's Composite Crew Module project is to test new structural materials for possible future NASA spacecraft. According to NASA, composite materials are being looked at because they are stiff and lightweight and can be formed into complex shapes that may be more structurally efficient. In space travel, where every additional pound of weight drives costs higher, any weight savings provides increased payload capacity and potentially reduces mission expense."

Comment My experience with COH, 2 weeks ago... (Score 1) 150

(new character, a cyborg hero) Day 1. I have no idea what's going on... Discovering the hero system. Start doing random beginner mission. Having fun. Jump up to Level 3. Day 2. Join a party and do more beginner mission. Having fun. Level 8! EAT MY LIGHTING PUNCH! Day 3. Join a Architect mission party. Farming begins... Everyone in the party are Level 40 and above. @ the end of day... gain... 10 levels. Level 18. Day 4. More Farming... Gain 1 level every 30 minutes. Let the shopping begin! Level 26. Day 5. Spend some time with story missions... NOT FUN. NO ONE willing to do them... I wonder where everyone is... Day 6. That's it... It's been fun but AE missions are really screwing up the game. Back to WOW! Day 7. WOW and more Street Fighter 4!

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