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Submission + - Emulated Mac OS X (csgraf.de)

Alexander Graf writes: "Have you ever been in the position of running Linux as main Operating System on your Intel Mac and you were in dire need of an OSX only program? This is no longer a problem, as I modified Qemu and KVM to run Mac OS X, so you can just boot Mac OS X in a virtual machine, just like you did with Windows anyway.
If you don't have a Mac though, don't despair. This works for non-Macs too.

@staff I don't think this is enough of a description. Please ask me something I can answer directly your readers would like to know and visit the project site, especially the FAQ section.


Submission + - An "Open Data" license model (digitalsonata.com)

galilite writes: "We have recently released a product which has a "community-based" feature. Linguists, translators or other language professionals compose their own dictionaries, which our components turn into data mining / machine translation engines. We want to enable them make money (selling their dictionaries) without hindering us from making money (selling our server components to their customers). No technological problems with the distribution: the dictionary designers don't get the server components, yet still get full testing functionality.

The question is: what kind of license is suitable for this situation? Are there any precedents / similar situations you are aware of? Note: we do not intend opening the source on this point (sorry guys), as we are just starting our operation.

Here's the link to the product. [Moderators: please remove the link you believe it violates some kind of written or unwritten rules.]"

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