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Comment: Re:Already done (Score 1) 177

by ofc (#37258210) Attached to: Diginotar Responds To Rogue Certificate Problem

A lot of (most?) dutch intra-government traffic uses their certificates.

See for instance

This example site shows that simply deleting the DigiNotar root certificates isn't enough, because they also are a subordinate CA. You should also delete the 'Staat der Nederlanden Root CA'.

Comment: Re:Poor tests (Score 1) 130

by ofc (#26804491) Attached to: VIA Nano Bests Intel Atom In Netbook Benchmarks

The Nano has been available for a while now, but the (64-bit) Linux kernel still doesn't support the crypto accelerator and random number generator.
I recently bought a Nano based Jetway board and had add crypto and rng support myself. It's mostly working now, but I'm waiting for VIA documentation to do things the right way.

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