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Comment: Alvin Toffler (Score 1) 293

Powershift - Alvin Toffler
Published in 1990, might be interesting to see how his predictions fared.

The Third Wave - Alvin Toffler
Published in 1980, the second book of the trilogy.

Future Shock - Alvin Toffler
Published in 1970, my introduction to the fact that there were books other than SF worth reading.

I see he has written another, Revolutionary Wealth, which I must now go acquire.

Comment: Re:Still with FC18 and probably swtich distro (Score 1) 147

by oddtodd (#45719339) Attached to: Fedora 20 Released

I have two boxen with Arch and two with Fedora (19 and Beta20), I use the Fedora as my 'personal' machine and keep /home on a separate partition to make staying up with the 6 month cycle easier, although I do skip the occasional release.
I had my parents on a Fedora box, but quickly saw that I needed a longer term, lower maintenance solution, and have them on Arch for several months now.
I switched from Crux to Arch years ago but got off it when I had some update breakage issues or something that peeved me (or caught my eye elsewhere, so many distros, so little time and all that), but have been toying with it again for a year or so and it is rock solid and no throwing the baby out with the bathwater, so far.
Anywho, to make a short post long, Arch is a good idea for someone who doesn't mind getting a little grease under their fingernails now and then.

Comment: completly off-topic Was: bike shed committee (Score 1) 74

you know how sometimes you run into a word a few times, then don't see it for years, then this word pops into your head for some unknown reason and a day or two later, BOOM!, there it is.
kinda freaky.
anywho, the word in this case is 'remunerated', which you misspelled here 'renumerated', which is kinda how it was brought to my attention years ago.
and stay off my lawn.

Theory is gray, but the golden tree of life is green. -- Goethe