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Comment: Re:rsync + OpenSolaris (ZFS) w/time slider (Score 1) 421

by octal_sio (#28446707) Attached to: How Do You Sync & Manage Your Home Directories?


I use FreeBSD instead of Solaris, but the idea is the same. SCM is an overkill for everyday files.

Use rsync if all you want is backups, or unison if you want to sync more than one machine. ZFS takes care of keeping the logs!

Although there's room for improvement in unison, it does the job pretty well for me.

Comment: Re:One Resource (Score 4, Informative) 451

by octal_sio (#27832457) Attached to: Classic Books of Science?
Arabic books and their authors indeed played an amazing role in the history of science. It's disturbing seeing them arrive to what they are now...

Anyway, a few more Arabic classics off the top of my head:

- Pretty much anything written by Ibn Sina. (The Canon of Medicine is a pretty good one)
- Ibn AlNafis's Commentary on the Anatomy in Ibn Sina's Canon (where he described the circulatory system)
- As parent mentioned, the original book on algebra, by AlKhwarizmi. The word "algorithm" is named after him, while "algebra" was named after his book. "Jabr" in Arabic means completion.
- Omar Khayyam's many treatises on Maths and Astronomy.

There's much more on Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Philosophy of Science and the Experimental Method, etc.

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