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Comment: Key Wallet (Score 1) 763

by oclawgeek (#32122780) Attached to: How Do You Handle Your Keys?
I had more than a few pairs of pants with pockets eaten through by keys. After eliminating all but the most essential keys, I bought a leather key wallet. The wallet protects your pocket lining from the keys, and pretty much silences them. I would opt for the kind with plain hooks instead of the latching kind because they're simpler and far less likely to break. This is the old-fashion solution and strikes me as far more elegant than a carabiner.

Comment: Re:US School System compared to Europes School Sys (Score 1) 677

That's not even remotely true. Most major metropolitan school districts in my state (California) cater mostly to the mediocre, and offer advanced classes to some kids who are better at following instructions, and minimal training to problem kids. The control ought to be more fine-grained than this. The problem kids, for example, are all just lumped together, even if no rational person would think that prudent. For example, at one school I know of, the mentally disabled kids are placed with kids who are just too far behind other kids of the same age, and both groups are blended with kids who are just disciplinary issues, with no ability on the part of the teacher to deal with each situation in an appropriate way. Thanks, standardized testing!

Comment: Re:Some offenders cannot be rehabilitated (Score 1) 882

by oclawgeek (#23716709) Attached to: Hans Reiser To Reveal Location of Wife's Body
Of course, the modern purpose is something quite different now. For example, in California, we get Penal Code Section 1170(a) which says, in part:

The Legislature finds and declares that the purpose of imprisonment for crime is punishment. This purpose is best served by terms proportionate to the seriousness of the offense with provision for uniformity in the sentences of offenders committing the same offense under similar circumstances.

Whether this sort of thing has any tendency whatsoever to reduce crime is subject to debate.

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