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+ - Buddhafy - Control a Spotify playlist with your brain ->

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ocelma writes "Control a Spotify playlist with your brain.

It uses a NeuroSky MindWave controller to track Alpha Waves in your brain (roughly corresponding to being in a relaxed/meditative state), and according to these values, it control the next song that plays in Spotify!

If you manage to achieve a highly meditative state, you'll be rewarded with good music: usually a calm, relaxing tune by one of your favorite artists from If you lose focus and your meditation level drops, you'll be hit with some of the top-100 worst songs ever recorded!
So keep it chill, dude!

This hack was implemented in 24h. at MusicHackDay, San Francisco, on 2012/02/11-12"

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Comment: The Long Tail in Music (Score 1) 82

by ocelma (#29500133) Attached to: "Long Tail Effect" Doesn't Work As Advertised, Say Wharton Researchers

There's always been a long tail in the demand curve, and it always will.
What we need are useful recommendations that guide us from the head to the hidden treasures located along the tail area.

Also, I find very disappointing that none (Wharton, Anderson, etc.) uses the Long Tail model proposed by Kalevi Kilkki ( ). This model has a better formal definition of the Head, Mid and Tail parts of the curve (not based neither on absolute nor on %), based on how to split the (log) x-axis.

[shameless plug] I did a PhD named "Music Recommendation and Discovery in the Long Tail"
So, I also did some boring analyses about the Long Tail in the music (recommendation) domain.

Comment: FOAFING THE MUSIC: another music recommender (Score 1) 126

by ocelma (#15472139) Attached to: Music Recommendation Engines Compared
There is still one more music recommender system left, named FOAFING THE MUSIC. And, if you have a account, it can import all the info from there! I bet you'll discover a bunch of new artists (even coming from,, and lots of more cool music sites!). Enjoy!

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