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Comment: Spelling and grammar fail (Score 1) 90

by obscured_dude (#36575034) Attached to: Winklevoss Twins To Continue Fighting Facebook
" Everyone thought this meant they had finally given up. It turns out that the twins have decided to keep fighting after all, just with a different lawsuit." " Should be..." Everyone thought this meant the winklevoss's had given up, it turns out that the twins have deicded to keep fighting suckerberg after all, in a different lawsuit." Or something like that...

Comment: Re:An old Tektronix is fine for a modern engineer (Score 1) 337

by obscured_dude (#33137530) Attached to: Oscilloscopes For Modern Engineers?
Dave that post is a shocker! :P maybe you should come on ustream and ask the guys there before you post! lol :) soooo many links!! ps we should get together one day for a bbq when its a bit warmer!!! ive got heaps of stuff to ask you and heaps of stuff to show you... ive got a microwave transmitter and all sorts of old cool stuff... Oh yea its Stew here ! SydneyStew! :)

Lenovo Service Disables Laptops With a Text Message 257

Posted by kdawson
from the say-the-magic-word dept.
narramissic writes "Lenovo plans to announce on Tuesday a service that allows users to remotely disable a PC by sending a text message. A user can send the command from a specified cell phone number — each ThinkPad can be paired with up to 10 cell phones — to kill a PC. The software will be available free from Lenovo's Web site. It will also be available on certain ThinkPad notebooks equipped with mobile broadband starting in the first half of 2009. 'You steal my PC and ... if I can deliver a signal to that PC that turns it off, hey, I'm good now,' said Stacy Cannady, product manager of security at Lenovo. 'The limitation here is that you have to have a WAN card in the PC and you must be paying a data plan for it,' Cannady added."

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