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Comment: Re:Sure, to lower paying jobs (Score 1) 674

by nytmare (#45041287) Attached to: The Luddites Are Almost Always Wrong: Why Tech Doesn't Kill Jobs

Um, the reason they pay "more" for telemarketing is because the job is unethical. It's higher risk. If you want a safe, ethical job, well there's plenty of competition for those so they don't have to pay as much. You're basically selling your soul for a little more money.

So don't tell us about how they couldn't be employed elsewhere because they can, if they're willing to take an ethical job.

Comment: Re:I do not understand why this is a story (Score 1) 740

by nytmare (#44955055) Attached to: Somebody Stole 7 Milliseconds From the Federal Reserve

Thanks, I can see your initials are LK just by reading the username which is at the top of your post. In fact, EVERY post has the writer's username at the top of it. So why then, unlike everyone else in this forum, do you copy those initials into the body of your post? Are you some kind of narcissist that can't wake up to the fact that no one else on this forum puts sigs in the body of their post? Especially not something as fucking lame as a copy of your own username which we already know?


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