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Ubuntu Unity: The Great Divider 729

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the line-in-the-sand dept.
Barence writes "Canonical's decision to impose the new Unity interface on Ubuntu 11.04 users appears to have split the Linux distro's users, according to PC Pro. Features such as a moving Launcher bar and invisible scrollbars have angered many users, with one claiming that 'Ubuntu is doing a great job throwing away years of UI experience.' The rush to meet the six-monthly release schedule also appears to have harmed the release, with many users reporting graphical glitches with the new user interface."

Comment: Open source (Score 5, Insightful) 175

by nxsty (#33100582) Attached to: First GNOME Census Results
Greg DeKoenigsberg, an ex-Red Hat employee wrote a blog post slamming Canonical for the "absolutely egregious" statistic and suggesting that Canonical has been "riding on Red Hat's coattails for years." Tough shit. This is open source, if you don't like others using your work you should develop proprietary software instead.

+ - Pirate Party to host The Pirate Bay in parliament-> 1

Submitted by m94mni
m94mni writes: The Swedish Pirate Party has announced today that they will host The Pirate Bay from inside the Swedish parliament, should they gain enough votes (4%) in the elections on September 19. The party plans to take advantage of parliamentary immunity to protect information freedom from being abused be the entertainment industry.
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Comment: Embarrasing for us people in the EU (Score 1) 324

by nxsty (#31668268) Attached to: EU Demands Canada Gut Its Copyright and Patent Laws
We've never given the commission a democratic mandate to parcipate in negotiations like this, and we can't remove them if we don't like what they do since they're not democratically elected. Yet the're representing us, trying to enforce a position that a lot of europes wouldn't support.

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (9) Dammit, little-endian systems *are* more consistent!