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Comment Re: I like this guy but... (Score 1) 438 438

M-16? An AK-47? A 100 round clip? There is simply NO reason for military weapons to be in civilian hands.

I'd take the time to point out all the things that are wrong with those two sentences but I've found that gun grabbers who don't actually know anything guns (like you) hate facts and use emotion, only emotion, to advance their I won't bother.

Comment Re:For fuck's sake people... (Score 1) 681 681

Some conservatives seem to hate him just for being a smart black guy.

NO! That is an outright lie and you know it. Every time I hear someone make a racial issue out of something that is clearly not a racial issue, I want to puke. You are piece of human trash for perpetuating this B.S.

Comment Yes, but (Score 5, Insightful) 206 206

Yes, it's a knee-jerk reaction. However, our government agencies have done this to themselves. Most of the outrage is probably coming from people who saw "FBI" and "website" in the same sentence and just assumed they did something bad. I can't say I really blame them all that much.

Comment Re:It makes you uneasy? (Score 1) 1007 1007

YOU HYPOCRITES! The hypocrisy in half of these posts is incredible. You all freak out when you hear the government is spying on you or some other techy right is being violated, but as soon you hear these people are...GASP...Christians, then it's "I don't give a crap that they purchased the right to use the space, screw their first amendment rights and the horse they rode in on!!!!!!!!!!" Stop cherry-picking when it comes to certain groups' right to assemble and speak. It makes you all look like a bunch of ignorant d-bags.

Comment This is now a liberal vs. conservative thing? (Score 1) 283 283

I thought this was something that spanned across both side of the aisle, I guess I was wrong. However, now that I think about it, it seems like everything, down to what color Skittle is the best, is being made into a liberal vs. conservative these days.

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