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Comment How Car Insurance REALLY works (Score 1) 231

Okay ladies and gents, here's the scoop. Auto insurance companies are HIGHLY regulated. They are, by law, only able to make a small amount of profit off premium. Usually about 80% of premium made goes immediately out the door back to the policyholders. The other 20% goes to running the business. Money is made off of global market investments. So yes, it is likely that your rates will go down. Unless of the course the sensors on the cars are so expensive that if they were to get damaged in, say, a flood or hail storm, they would be crazy expensive to fix. There are lots of ways a car can get damaged other than accidents.

Comment Re: I like this guy but... (Score 1) 438

M-16? An AK-47? A 100 round clip? There is simply NO reason for military weapons to be in civilian hands.

I'd take the time to point out all the things that are wrong with those two sentences but I've found that gun grabbers who don't actually know anything guns (like you) hate facts and use emotion, only emotion, to advance their I won't bother.

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