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Comment: Re:Irking (Score 1) 389

by nulltransfer (#38440630) Attached to: <em>Star Wars: the Old Republic</em> Launches
Would you pay $60 for a single player game? For me, SWTOR is the first MMO that can be played like a single player game, and can provide a similar feel/experience as a single player game, if chosen to play that way. This is due to the depth and quality of the questing and leveling experience. With other MMOs, the single player portion is pretty repetitive and grindy (questing, leveling, farming, etc.). With SWTOR, the single player portion feels like KOTOR or Mass Effect.

I feel that I can get my money's worth just by playing it for the free month and not subscribing. Other MMOs depend heavily on playing with other people and playing over an extended period of time for an enjoyable experience, so you need to pay the subscription fee to enjoy the game.

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