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Comment: Re:whine (Score 1) 226

by nukem996 (#46764727) Attached to: How 'DevOps' Is Killing the Developer
The problem is being a developer and running an infrastruture are both full time jobs. When you ask developers to run their own infrastructure things get neglected. When things get neglected things eventually break and they break bad. I've seen this happen when development should be focused on customer facing issues.

Comment: Re:Magazines in 2013? (Score 4, Insightful) 57

by nukem996 (#45658447) Attached to: Linux Voice Passes Its Crowdfunding Target
If you RTFA you'd see that this is an on-line publication in which you can choose to get a print copy. They promise to release their content 9 months after the print/premium user copies go out under the CC. They're also promising to donate part of their profits to open source projects.

Comment: Perfect (Score 1) 62

by nukem996 (#45658425) Attached to: AirPlay Alternative Mirrors and Streams To TVs and PCs
An open source based HDMI key so I can finally get one device that plays all my content over DLNA. This has great potential to also work for PC gaming in the living room. From the Gogo description I gather it has a hardware h264 decoded, which would make it an interesting PC in the living room(think NVIDIA Shield)

Comment: Kernel work is government work for engineers (Score 2) 576

by nukem996 (#44891829) Attached to: Linus Torvalds Admits He's Been Asked To Insert Backdoor Into Linux
The kernel of any operating system serves software in the same way governments serve the people. Its taking the politcs out of government. The goal is to make the best system which fairly distributes its resources amounst its users/people most efficiantly so that they maximize their utilization. At the same time it is secure enough to withstand unruly users/citizens and out side agressors.

Comment: Re:So... no separation between system and userspac (Score 2) 335

by nukem996 (#44881351) Attached to: New Operating System Seeks To Replace Linux In the Cloud
If you read through the slides the core OS is only capable of running a single thread. What this looks like to me is a highly specialized OS that relies entirely on the hypervisor to do everything for it. Its basically a specialized version of Java with enough glue and support to run on a bare hypervisor. They started with Java and just implemented everything it needs to run on a hypervisor. Assuming the JVM is fully implemented it should greatly increase a Java apps performance because its gotten rid of all the extra OS overhead. Because of that you would have to exploit the JVM and be limited to what you can do in Java. At that point you could fully read the file system but on this system the only files on this system would be for that one application. The only password file on the system would be the one for this application which if exploited on a normal system would be all the attacker would have access too.

Comment: IBM Cell Processor Again? (Score 1) 98

by nukem996 (#44368005) Attached to: Adapteva Parallella Supercomputing Boards Start Shipping
How is this not any different then IBM's Cell Processor? You know the one in the PS3. Sure it didn't have as many cores but its the exact same thing and it didn't do well. A big part of the problem was the overhead caused in memory transfer from the host system to the individual cores. The other part was each core only had 512Kb of RAM, these only have 32Kb!

Comment: And thats the problem (Score 2) 381

I'm perfectly happy having corporate e-mail on a phone I pay for 100%, but I refuse to allow anyone to have control over my phone but me. My company encourages e-mail on our personal phones but require stock firmware, non-rooted, the ability to remote wipe, and the ability to change security settings on my phone. I'm fine if there is a requirement that I have remote wipe ability but I should be the only one in control of it. And telling me that I can't run alternitive firmware due to "security concerns" is ridiculous! Until I can get just get corporate e-mail on my device the way I want it I'll be happy with it and use it, until then they can pay for the phone if they want to control it.

Comment: And? (Score 1) 104

by nukem996 (#41978311) Attached to: Oracle Makes Red Hat Kernel Changes Available As Broken-Out Patches
How is this news? Anyone can get the current sources for any Redhat package, customer or not. Those sources contain the patches. All Oracle is doing is downlaoding them and importing them into git and making that git repo public. The company I work for already did the same thing since we use a custom kernel but still want the Redhat patches.

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