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by nucrash (#47967775) Attached to: Bioethicist At National Institutes of Health: "Why I Hope To Die At 75"

I was thinking about Larry Ellison being 70 and still wanting to work and in fact, actually wanting to take a position where he can continue to be creative instead of one handling the day to day business.

At the same time, my Grandfather passed away last year at age ninety-one. He was weeks away from being ninety-two. When asked about how old he wanted to live, he responded, "My dad lived to be ninety-two, and I think that's a good age, so I want to be ninety-two."

Towards the end, he was being despondent and spent most of his days sleeping. There were times where he would be lucid and say some fantastic things, but for the most part, I could tell he was ready to go. He had lived a good life. Many of us in the family felt that he was due as he lived his last year in a nursing home and didn't really want to even do that.

I do think that quality of life should be included in decisions to prolong life. Terry Schaivo was a case where there was nearly zero potential to improve her life. Other times, I sense that some of these hospital administrations are doing what they can to bilk insurance companies in order to extend a person's life regardless of the eventuality of their passing. Not to sound completely inhumane, but if a person is going to continue their existence by suffering, are we being humane by prolonging their existence.

There are some cases, like with Stephen Hawking, where an individual wants so much to contribute to the world that they want to exist. Because of this, there should not be any hard limit put in as far as a person's life to which we should consider ending health care.

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My company, while not a fortune 500 company has been known as an engineering training ground. Those who stay behind are generally not skilled enough or too attached to the area to leave.

I am going to go ahead and include myself in not skilled enough column. Then again, they do pay for college courses and I haven't had too much trouble in getting them to allow me to go to training courses, so they aren't entirely evil.

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Depends on the subject matter. I spent a couple days at DEFCON and managed to take in more info than I did at my regular job for the entire year. Personally, I consider this to be beneficial.

However, because I did go on my own dime and my own time, I didn't feel obligated to get as much out of the event and didn't think I really harmed anyone or anything other than quite a few brain cells and my liver.

If this were a conference where there were new things to learn and... the conference costs a bit more than out of pocket allows, then I would go to the company and also behave myself a bit more.

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by nucrash (#47946633) Attached to: Netropolitan Is a Facebook For the Affluent, and It's Only $9000 To Join

Awesome idea. If the site fails, no big loss. If the site is a success, congratulations, there is one stop shopping for exploitation. Congrats you just paid a lot of money to share your data with a bunch of friends only to have it exploited.

Nothing better than creating an easily accessible haven for all of your no-no shots and painting a giant target on it.

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by nucrash (#47935833) Attached to: Study Finds Link Between Artificial Sweeteners and Glucose Intolerance

Was cheaper...

Because some states were pushing Ethanol pretty heavily, the price of HFCS actually went up enough to justify the cost of real sugar. The only reason why the price of sugar is so high though is because apparently we have to protect the farmers in Hawaii with tariffs on any imports. Subsidies and Tariffs can be the devil sometimes.

Farm Subsidies also are responsible for keeping the cost of HFCS down below the price of sugar cane.

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However, a mission to Mars would require research into food preservation which is one of the largest problems to getting food into remote areas of the world and maintaining nutritional value for the people who need to consume it. For ever argument you can throw at NASA being a waste of money, I can counter that argument with a reason why NASA improves life.

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by nucrash (#47917045) Attached to: WSJ Reports Boeing To Beat SpaceX For Manned Taxi To ISS

We just had a big article about some key congressmen trying to block and sabotage SpaceX's development process. SpaceX is a young and aggressive company with clear drive and motivation to succeed. While they might have been a risky bet because they were new, they would have backed their development record.
Remember this:

These three tools of Boeing are using congress to hold back our space exploration. We need competition between these companies and giving SpaceX a chance to shine will make Boeing stop screwing over the U.S.

Anyone in Colorado and Alabama care to remove these idiots from office?

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by nucrash (#47854257) Attached to: CenturyLink Looks At Buying Rackspace

When hearing about the cloud, I tend to use the early shore based ocean analogy of what made the early oceans and oceans today cloudy. Clouds in the water were generally masses of spermatozoa looking for an egg to fertilize. So when someone references head in clouds, I can't help but think of this as a potential bukake party.

On a serious note, I have a serious problem with an ISP trying to provide cloud services and vice-versa. This is the same reason I take issue with Google Fiber. I love the speed of Google Fiber and how it shakes up the industry, but I take issue with who is providing the service the same as I take issue with CenturyLink buying up Rackspace.

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Let's see if I can account for also factors that are just as like culprits for lower test scores in Missisippi

1. Unemployment rate, MA - 5.6 MS - 8.0
2. Average Income
3. Disposable Income
4. Parents that actually care about their children's education
5. Belief in a supreme being
6. Racial diversity?
7. Bio-luminescence
8. More Shore line per state volume
9. BP retarded the state with an oil spill
10. I just put this one in here for giggles
11. Mississippi is used to space out counting closer to a single second
12. Proximity to NASA rocket centers
13. We are Legion
14. Anonymous is skewing the scores.

Comment: Three Republicans from Colorado and Alabama (Score 1) 393

by nucrash (#47662449) Attached to: 3 Congressmen Trying To Tie Up SpaceX

So these guys are clearly on the payroll of Boeing and Lockheed.

Does this surprise anyone that this trio of tards is obstructing progress that could be detrimental to their profits?
Considering the cost overruns that Lockheed and Boeing have had as both military contractors and NASA contractors, is anyone surprised that we have representatives trying to prevent the end of their gravy train?

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by nucrash (#47581657) Attached to: Judge: US Search Warrants Apply To Overseas Computers

The current justice system has no respect for boundaries and is willing to strip away what ever rights to privacy they feel they need to bring about their form of justice. While I might not be a fan of Microsoft or Apple or any other company which uses loopholes to evade taxes, I don't want to see privacy violated either. This includes corporate entities like Microsoft.

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Granted, Nokia sold their phone/mobile device business to Microsoft and before that, I thought they sold their network appliance business to Checkpoint which is a BSD based kernel if I remember correctly. Old, but still fairly solid.

I honestly didn't know Nokia had anything left, so color me surprised with this.

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