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Comment Flag Waving on the Moon is Old Hat (Score 1) 39

I have seen several cases of conspiracy theorists trying to point to that as evidence. Clearly if they can't see the rod through the top and take in account that gravity will wave a flag as it's being moved around and planted, then you probably shouldn't take the time to explain to them. Stop paying attention to the crazies, that only gives them unneeded attention!

Comment Re:Capitalism (Score 1) 358

On the contrary, there was an article about companies like ImBev who were trying to use vertical integration to reduce the amount of choices a customer had in order to sell additional beer. They saw it as the fact that if customers had less to select from, then they would buy more. Then again, these are monopolistic practices.

I disagree with this on some measure. There are some items which sell more than others and really wish shelving space would address these needs especially in the food industry.

Yet there are companies like Lenovo that built in lots of product diversity. That boded well for them for a bit, but later started to show up in production costs.
Capitalism more than communism wants to keep production costs low though. They will fight to reduce choice in what ever market they can to reduce costs. Competing companies will push for innovation and create market diversity.

Again with companies such as Ford, General Motors and Chrysler; we have companies that had very diverse markets but decided to cut several product lines in order to stay relevant and get in line for those fat government bailouts.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 244

Not if the hackers aren't aware of what they are doing. If someone were to mask their intent as a game of sorts, we could enlist some of the most skilled individuals normally incapable of doing anything outside of standard orders.

Think like giving a soldier a weapon and orders to kill defenseless children, only wrapping up killing children under the premise that they are just playing a sick and twisted version of Grand Theft Auto.

If that doesn't work, we just keep layering the attacks until the system trying to predict its attack is no longer possible.

Ultimately the problem with modelling is that not all variables are accounted for. Most of the variables are accounted for, but who guards for the outliers.
Japan built a wall for a tsunami resistant wall which worked until they had an earthquake that was a 9.0
They built a nuclear power plant on a fault line which would have worked except too many systems failed at once.
We launched shuttles from Florida thinking that the temperature was never below freezing, so we never tested parts at below freezing temperatures. Was a great cost savings until January of 1986.

This list goes on of miscalculations of the worst possible scenario. Eventually the planets line up all at once,and gravity gets just a little more wonky than normal.

Comment Re:In other news (Score 5, Insightful) 403

Because our Cold War Propaganda built a world of allies and didn't do anything like prop up lousy dictators like Castro, Hussein, and the rest of the bunch. Our Anti-Communist policies set back the world in so many ways, yet kept the U.S. sheltered. Along came the Information Age and ended much of that seclusion. We are now seeing the rest of the world for what it is: Pissed at us for decades of mindless meddling.

Comment True Benefits to Solar (Score 3, Insightful) 327

While taking over a desert to lay out a giant solar power farm, roof top units are probably more ideal. A large portion of power is lost through transit. I have heard calculations from 65% to 84% of power produced being lost from generation to the time where a device is powered. I don't much care for those kind of losses. Smaller and distributed sources of power generation help to create a more robust power grid.

Comment Garmin already provides this (Score 1) 206

Garmin has already started down this path, although they have a lot of room for growth.

Currently my company uses the vivofits as wellness programs where participation is optional. But so much participation is expected out of the employee to minimize health care costs. An employee can fudge what they do, take a bunch of tests and save about $100 a month on their health insurance. Otherwise they don't have to do much at all and pay the extra. Now there are ways to get out of the extra work, such as if your blood work shows your numbers are good, then great. You pretty much don't have to do anything.

There are aspects that I don't like about this, but being in the Midwest and having to pay for Billy Bob and his second helping of gravy covered fries, three 20oz Mountain Dews, and three cheeseburgers during a 20 minute lunch break; I find taking care of myself and a little encouragement isn't a bad thing.

My company is self-insured, so any tubby decides to clog his arteries and require a septuple bypass, some how that seems to affect the profit sharing.
I guess that all depends on what you want to get out of life, but since I started this wellness kick this last year, I think I would rather spend the time and effort slimming down and improve my quality of life a bit rather than require my own personal morning noon and night pillbox for every day.

Comment Re:Yeah, be a man! (Score 1) 608

He'll likely get a pardon when the american people are ready to oust those congressional folks that are pushing this high surveillance agenda, primarily those older folks like Mich McConnell that come from old power.

I wish that was the popular consensus, but look at the amount of backlash over the confederate flag or the fact that Donald Trump is leading in the Republican polls.

What Snowden did was no doubt wrong, but how do you play a game when the decks are stacked against you and the house is not about to cave, you are given limited options.

Comment Re:Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified in (Score 1, Troll) 434

You are correct in that I would like to see both administrations take some heat over their actions. As radical as the idea is, I feel both Administrations should have to answer for war crimes.

I still feel that under the current Administration, the adage goes, if the they did it, I can too. That seems to be Obama's mantra so far. I feel an election of Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton will be a continuation of this idea.

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