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Comment Re:A solution to local / state government abuse? (Score 1) 597 597

That's a terrible idea, because the taxpaying public loses.

A much better solution would be to put the offending police and prosecutors in prison. Revoke the police officers' law enforcement certifications so they wouldn't be able to get badges anywhere else. Disbar the prosecutors.

That would punish the actual perpetrators without impacting the general level of service to the public.

Comment Re:A few bad apples (Score 2, Interesting) 597 597

And whose fault is that? It didn't just happen.

When I was growing up cops were respectable, and were respected. Somewhere along the way they came to believe they were different and more special than other people. They rationalized that because they were so different and more special, what they were doing was right and good. Since what they were doing was right and good, any conduct was acceptable.

I no longer respect cops; I despise them.

Comment I've bought my last Palm product anyway (Score 1) 300 300

I've used Palm products for over ten years.

I bought a Palm TX, and the on/off button stopped working. Palm's response? "You'll just have to buy a new one." I did.

Six months later (almost to the day) the on/off button stopped working.

I'm NOT buying another. I'll buy a Windows POS before I'll buy another Palm POS.

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