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Comment: Re:$93,000 for the treatment (Score 0) 194

by ntimid8 (#32040808) Attached to: FDA Approves Vaccine For Prostate Cancer
You should keep in mind this is compared to $60,000 for Taxotere, the only treatment currently available to patients this sick. In virtually all cases treatment with Taxotere will add another $30K+ in support care expense (hospitalization, follow-up care, medication, etc.) to treat the added sickness caused by chemotherapy. The only side effect or additional care patients using Provenge will have to endure will be slight fever, rash, or a regular oncology visit. In the end it costs the same and patients live longer, and with dignity. I work for Dendreon and today has been one of the greatest of my life - I am proud to work for a company that truly puts patients first. It gives me hope to see science and logic prevail in our increasingly skeptical and cynical world. Like all things demand for the science will improve process and reduce price, but we should focus on the breakthrough, both bureaucratic and scientific, that Provenge represents.

Comment: Don't waste your money... (Score 1) 1134

by ntimid8 (#27210667) Attached to: Are Quirky Developers Brilliant Or Dangerous?
Unfortunately our team has experienced this at the cost of possibly not making our project schedule. We finally discovered that 2 or 3 moderately talented developers cost the same as a one blowhard, pain in the ass developer and can typically accomplish the same things under budget and on time. I would also point out the history of Google and its many quirky developers and the worthless products they have produced in the past few years.

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