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Comment Re:Did you look at the PAM modules on your system? (Score 1) 98 98

I'll send you my bill tomorrow.

Agree. PAM plus some usage guidelines and monitoring should be enough. Stuff like this BTW It feels being like one of the torrent nodes backing up your encrypted files for you.

Lenovo Announces the IdeaPad 200 200

An anonymous reader writes "Marking the start of news releases from this year's Consumer Electronics Show, Lenovo has dropped a major announcement on consumers - the arrival of a new line of notebooks. The IdeaPads will be the consumer-friendly companion to the ThinkPads. The announcement covers three notebooks, the 17" Y710, the 15" Y510, and the 11", 2.4lb U110. The IdeaPads will bring a number of firsts to Lenovo's notebooks, including a SSD upgrade option, dual hard drives (Y710 only), and a 17" notebook."

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