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Comment: Re:Article is from 2009 (Score 1) 115

by novalogic (#34624538) Attached to: FBI Defend Raids On Texas Datacenter

Well, a little bit more updated news.. (Jan 2010)

Seems one of the main people referenced in the story is dead trying to re-enter the US after he fled, the other is in Jail.

At least we know what happened to the players.

Comment: Sensationalist news... (Score 1) 849

by novalogic (#26461053) Attached to: South Carolina Seeking To Outlaw Profanity

Forgot to say, " public places" in the title.

This law is talking about areas that are public. And you have to think what can be covered by that....

Can Wal-mart? Can the Wal-mart parking lot?

No to both answers.

Simple way to view it, anywhere your tax dollars pay for upkeep. A court house, a public park, a school are some examples.

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