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Journal: Search engine

Journal by notsoanonymouscoward

With all the news about search engines that slashdot posts, you'd think they'ed have an SE section by now. After all, the net is all about communication, the finding and transference of information.

But ya, so I've posted stories about netnose twice, and both summarily rejected. Even crap front ends for google like whittlebit are making the main page. (yes this is a rant, deal with it!) Netnose is actually new, unique, and we build that bad boy line by line ourselves.

Why do I think we're so special?

What do search engines do? They find information. Users enter keywords that correspond to the topic area (or even extremely specific subject matter they're looking for). Everyone's busy rating/scoring the content. We think the other search engines have it wrong... well at least, not quite right. The important thing is figuring out how people FIND that bit of content. Which words are the best words for describing a particular site, and how good are they at doing it? Its basically rating the meta data, rather than the data itself. Make sense? Good, Now go rate.

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