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Comment: Re:Hey Hollywood, count this! (Score 1) 261

by notnew_backwards (#15786903) Attached to: TiVo to Measure Ad-Skipping
AMEN! Particularly in regards to the banner ads. They seem to chew up more and more of the screen all the time! It wasn't so bad when it stayed in the lower black bar area - but some of the banner ads block as much as half of the video. Why bother watching the show anyway? Next thing you know, the banner ads will cover the whole screen and run the duration of the show. If I wanted to watch all that junk, might as well watch Home Shopping or something stupid like that. I suppose that the whole point is so people can't skip over the commercials without skipping over their show. But frankly, I don't care that there is a Buffy marathon next Friday all day. (or something like that!)

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