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Comment: Look closer to home (Score 5, Funny) 290

by not_surt (#38580568) Attached to: Nokia: the Sun Can't Charge Your Phone

Like many in the developed world I carry a considerable surplus fuel stockpile on my abdomen which it would be nice (and perhaps healthy) to take advantage of.
Maybe a combination if an in-body blood sugar energy harvesting rig and inductive charging coils on each hip? If your fuel stockpile is running low then make it a solar charging rig with a symbiotic algae/cyanobacteria in the skin to produce sugars from sunlight.

Comment: Re:That is like suing Ford (Score 5, Funny) 365

by not_surt (#38457112) Attached to: Spanish Court Rules In Favor of P2P Engineer

The name BitTorrent is obviously a thinly-veiled allusion to piracy.
Pirate steal pieces of eight. *Bit*s come eight to a pack.
Water forms *Torrent*s. The sea is made of water. Pirates sail the seven seas.
And so: BitTorrent.
That judge must be blind (or bought off by Big Piracy) not to see that BitTorrent exists solely for piratical purposes.

Comment: Unbroken? (Score 1) 312

by not_surt (#38421994) Attached to: Smallest space my belongings could fit (unbroken):

Most objects occupy about the same volume broken as whole. Unless the
item has a sealed cavity then isn't broken/unbroken quite irrelevant?
I don't imagine too many people possess a proportionally significant
volume of CRTs, vacuum tubes, vacuum flasks, gas canisters, etc.

If the poll is meaning to ask what is the volume of the smallest
bounding shape (box, sphere, convex hull, etc.) which can contain
one's possession then the unbroken qualifier makes sense, but question
or poll options need rewording.

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