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Comment: Muzzi-wogs act-out 15-th century justice (Score -1) 466

Bytch shot dead -- by her own people -- because she thought  reason was justice and work love.  G*d grant her mercy.  Yet,   serves her right --- trusting viperous, dog-fyucking MuJad savages that **now** act no better than  than rabid rats. And ofcourse Saudi *zzkissing Obama.Hussain  and Bantu.Holder.the.bolder  invite hords of these folks into the country. We may cut them down now ... butcher them out while we still have the chance. Savage? Indeed no human rights issue exists because no such rights exist.  So pick yo' clan palsy,  arm,  and see to your own welfare. 

Comment: Re:I will never understand (Score -1) 99

by noshellswill (#49553313) Attached to: Vizio, Destroyer of Patent Trolls
You have made exactly the correct point; Megacorp beware! It's the yeomans **poison pill** for he has nothing to lose by fighting and a potential large financial gain. Of-course a legal-beagle approach is nothing so effective as just shooting dead a few dozen toity troll-lawyers.  Make 'em shit-scared. Worked for the historical American, French and Russian revolutions; should work as well now.

Comment: Irish are pricks ... tuff. (Score -1) 114

Easy to see why a rational Irish Gub'mnt can stomp-all-over Irish liberties . The Irish have been documented class-A pricks for 5000 years both to themselves and others. Damme even the spear-Danes out for a bit of rape-fest fun couldn't tolerate them.

Then the Brits & French came along to "help". Then the best of the Paddizzz came to America leaving the ol' sod to Hicksville degenerates. Now they are filled with Muzzi-wogs border-jumpers , yet they smyte eachother  instead of Allah-Wallazz and the Gub'mnt gives them the Stalinist sh*t  they deserve. Tuff tit Paddyz. 

Comment: Capitalists serve their nation ? (Score -1) 228

by noshellswill (#49526637) Attached to: UK Police Chief: Some Tech Companies Are 'Friendly To Terrorists'
The invisible fyucking-A hand has a baseball bat shoved up yo' *zzwhole. Mebby rug-weaving ISIS neckbeards in Iran, Turkey or Afganland will serve their **nation** before profit. But, until Abe Lincoln, Roosevelt  (or such) puts a bootheel on their throats no   American company or investor or manager  will serve other than their short-term monetary self-interest. Hell it's illegal  ( MBAs pimp labor-excused murder ) in most states for them to do otherwise. Gawddamm you swine on yo' kneez! Hail  the $$$. 

Comment: Re:Well done! (Score -1, Flamebait) 536

Yep. If you butchered-off the wettbakkk border-jumpers at-entrance then you simply don't have the issue of **entitled** foreign invaders. WTF did that concept even come from? USA wealth belongs to USA citizens --  monies, land and opportunity-costs and are to be struggled for **to the death** as needed of bleeding-heart traitorous SJWs.

Comment: Re:The real extinction (Score -1, Flamebait) 93

by noshellswill (#49491417) Attached to: Newly Discovered Sixth Extinction Rivals That of the Dinosaurs
A 6-th extinction? Not happening now !  I don't see drooling, bleeding heart lib.coms (liberal communists) dying off nearly as fast as justified by their anti-survival traits and underfoot over-population. Guess only the leaps count ----  where are the asteroids when we really need them?

Comment: Contributing edits to WikiP is too hard (Score -1) 186

by noshellswill (#49484961) Attached to: How Many Hoaxes Are On Wikipedia? No One Knows
Crudely speaking ...... let's say editing a WikiP topic is as tough as getting **gFTP** to work.  The **gFTP** desktop penetration is about 1%.  So ...  such a hill-climb  in byteboi-land eliminates 99% of all web-user contributors  with specific content expertize. No wonder what remains is an inbred witchly crew of  literalist gnomes dancing about their verbal iron kettle of brewfalse.   

Comment: Drooling bitchy article (Score -1) 365

by noshellswill (#49469367) Attached to: Can Civilization Reboot Without Fossil Fuels?
Can humans rebuild without carbon-fuel  after an HIV-like  lib.com apocalypse? NO ... of-course not. We humans red-in-tooth-and-claw will again enslave or slaughter our plant resources -- just as we do whales, sheep and weaker tribes/cultures -- scotching the suicidal Jonestown trope bytch-Gaia  plans for every member of her native Earth whore-house.

We will burn oil, wood, baby-seal blubber and coal,  then Bantu and true Scotsmen  ... those BTUs gotta come from somewhere.  1.0 wasted BTU = 1/2 BTU smarts. The strong will be known-after to do-as-they-will ... build, expand, complexify.  Weak, lazy, stupid and unlucky mammals will be fodder and do as they must. Have a nice day. 

Comment: Ocean water solution for California ? (Score -1) 332

by noshellswill (#49457383) Attached to: California Looks To the Sea For a Drink of Water
Most certainly:

1) You pimp peons pad're? If not, then drive all border-jumping, narco.MEX wetbakkks (7,000,000) into the sea. Lots of spare drinking water then for a robust Anglo culture.

2) Feed Wilsonesque Gaia-blojobbing emotocents to the white pointers gaily swimming about seaside Esalen Institute --- fruits and nuts are so yum to the piscatorial taste-bud system. Make Gub'nor Brownstreak 1st !

3) Force La. chotoz  and baby.momaz to eat their own sewage instead of piping it into sea-lanes meant for tuna and salmon.   

Comment: Re:Marijuana's capacity to REVEAL TRUTH (Score -1) 291

Harm ... guns ... ownership? I don't see thousands of pestilent, slabbering  soph-lit lib.coms being blown away in a virtuous fury of (re)publican vigilante justice. Campus SJWs spew dependent, faggish tropes like Woody Allen grooming his next 12-yo lay.  No payback in sight. Most  careful readers-of-history would judge this titsup tolerance  a **lost opportunity**.

Comment: Docha just get tired of it .... (Score -1) 417

Scary Harry swived a fairy
Got so blue
His brain froze barely.

I'd rather 5 Siberian-Traps up the *zzwhole than
10,000 years of fraidy-cat self-indulgent Gaia blo-jobbing whine. So get va feckin-A life dude:  spew carbon, invent something, get laid just shut-the-fyuck up.

Comment: Cripple the swift ...pimp the whiners (Score -1) 892

Yes indeed --- lib.com SJW sluts like Pao would cripple the swift and blind the far-sighted. No surprise. What else can you do when pimping feminazi bimboz and Bantu bangers as teknocrate marvels ? Of-course what did Michele O recently snark ... that Harvard Laws' high standards were abusive ... they just were not the Bantu way .... ohmeohmy what values do you cherish and who did you fecking-A  frisco-disco geek lib.coms elect ?

Comment: Bad navigating (Score -1) 442

One mistake leads to another. History teaches if Zuckerfyuck and Ballbuster drove their  vehicles into water-filled ditches (Kennedies were good at that) there would be lots less H1-B argyebargle  and much more glubglubglub .... **REM** accidents are natures way of cleaning out the cruft. 

Comment: Re:I wonder (Score -1) 258

by noshellswill (#49407751) Attached to: A Robo-Car Just Drove Across the Country
You're fyucked batboi.  As I read history,  over-road truck-drivers LOVE their jobs. LUBLUBLUB their jobs  seriously enough to shoot-out tires of robo-slut replacements. Ratatatatat! BOOOM goes the tire --- splat goes the robo-slut truck. Lots of  empty road ... lots of  mil.spec  ex-drivers ... lots of guns ... 

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