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Comment: Re:What took them so long? (Score -1) 212

by noshellswill (#48646691) Attached to: Cyberattack On German Steel Factory Causes 'Massive Damage'
Godel sez you're all fyucked-up. A computer sissyboi. A nerdling.  Compren'de ? Maths creating humans cannot be algorithmic devices. Period.  In any process, at each step of human intervention a novel motif may be introduced  of character utterly unpredictable by any machine or algorithm; or a machine defined motif may be **scotched**  even if (especially if!) never before seen by the human; call this error.making if you wish ."sticks & stones may break ..."  Anyrate it's fool-proof security provided by any human fool. That's why humans make more secure machine operators than any computer system. 

Comment: Re:There is a difference. (Score 0) 586

by noshellswill (#48622137) Attached to: Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release
Yes --- the difference. If movie viewers are CCing, then the terrorists get shot-down. Do the body count and pay-the-price. If it's then shown that North Korea pimped the terror, then we drop a few dozen 300KT nuks on them.  Back to Stone age motif etcetcetc... If China objects we take them out also; still possible and desirable.   Helps out with balance-of-trade. Russia stays on sidelines while we secure its Eastern border hahaha. Balls-out long overdue. You want to live forever ? 

Comment: Re:Can you say... (Score -1) 266

by noshellswill (#48597253) Attached to: Judge Rules Drug Maker Cannot Halt Sales of Alzheimer's Medicine
Quit yo libcom slobbering . Ofcourse letting her die is an option ... if  a greater values accrues vis' say more-than-one  person lives because of her death.  Or a terrorist leader is butchered at the cost of her life etcetcetc. Life is a bitch --- not a right --- then you die.

Comment: Asymmetric war advises killing a few employers (Score -1) 398

by noshellswill (#48550069) Attached to: Displaced IT Workers Being Silenced
If you believe asymmetric warfare principles then you can see how free-speech threatened workers  might do better putting-down 25-50 employers at random.  Scare the greedy materialist bastard class  into humane behavior. I mean ... they aren't  personally going to move to China or Indonesia or Tijawanna  ... eh?   hehehe

And a few rigid tariffs & boycotts would handle any "outsourcing" issue. 'Course if you have Ozzi+Harriet scruples against asymmetric warfare then you are screwed. 

Comment: Stross knows not history (Score -1) 368

by noshellswill (#48542567) Attached to: Overly Familiar Sci-Fi
My reading of history shows no major changes in human attitudes for the last 25,000 years (see cave paintings = modern emotions) . No major changes in human behaviors for the last 13,000 years (see Gobeki Tepi = modern building tek). Yes yes I know --- not every circle comes with a Pi HAHAHA!  But, quantum mechanics isn't rocket-science: see courting couple make water-waves on early Assyrian coins.

Betcha $5 that 10,000 years from now men will  still be pricks and women bitches. 

Comment: Re:Great (Score -1) 602

by noshellswill (#48514815) Attached to: UK Announces 'Google Tax'
GAG! Again more LIBERTOON chatter. Gub'mnt is  often more robust and more efficient  than kludged-together private orgs. Privates want their profits  first and screw usrland ... monopoly ensures no improvement in private service.  Gub'mnt  obviously provides  superior services for money (taxes) paid in-case-of **long-and windy** tasks and tasks where the biggest GUN defines the context . I mean ... excepting race-war who  will suppress Neolith Bantu savages if not Holder ... er ... 

Comment: Too feckin-A bad for the cosmopolitan DemoRats (Score -1) 413

by noshellswill (#48478953) Attached to: Mathematicians Study Effects of Gerrymandering On 2012 Election
Our Jacksonville district has big-hair  Bantu  bytch Corriene Brownski as Rep ... her  **affirmative action carved** district looks like  a water-moccasin not a salamander. But, as it snakes from the Georgia border to Orlando  you get the notion every  krak-laden & gun-battle scared Negro neighborhood has been sucked into the creature.  Like Peanuts Clinton advertises ... 'Corriene delivers ...' and no croc has yet seen fit to remedy the outrage.   I **feel** for  DemoRat pimps everywhere.

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