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Comment: Seig Heil gestapo bytch (Score -1) 423

Message snooping  of citizens is not a power our American Constitution grants to the Gub'mnt;  read the feckin-A document!  You & your brown-shirt pals violate the Constitution and as a sovereign citizen I do so declare.   So take yo black boots off Leslie and get an *zzwhole whipping for being such a  flaming Nazi hoe.

Comment: Privacy insured by Dan Wesson (Score -1) 392

Well now some  gestapo terrorist comes breaking thru my front door is met with 12-gauge buck-shoot and a 357-cal Dan Wesson . I'm too old to die young so all I gotta put-down is ONE! How many ONES ya got bitchboi?  'Shoot-for-the-head' sez G. Gordon Liddy, 'cause that's where the body armour ain't!'  Good idea if all citizens demand that privacy.  Sure you gotta do something about rampaging Bantu and Muzzi-wog  goons , but 1st-things-1st ...  slap-down the biz.zombies  while maintaining  values and liberty that make any  anti-statist battle worth-the-risk. 

Comment: Re:What's the difference between China and EU? (Score -1) 218

by noshellswill (#48892693) Attached to: China Cuts Off Some VPNs
The theater is on fire. Yep ... some bleeding heart  neo-Stalinists think that shouting n*gga in a Bantu Neolith infested  Detroit ghetto ought to be pejoratively labeled **hate speech** ... instead of a dire,  objective cultural warning . Cosmopolitans would have you arrested .  Bantu have shouting that for decades and noone in Gub'mnt listen.  Slant libertarians now raise an analogous howl.  The theater is on fire. Firewall the b*stards !

Comment: Re:Obvious work is obvious (Score 1, Insightful) 139

by noshellswill (#48887153) Attached to: Scientists Slow the Speed of Light
Smells like a **detector effect**, like photo-electric emission ... a quantized absorber making a continuous wave appear as a "particle".  The honest Scotsmen  induced  distortion of the continuous wavefront  thus making the "front-edge" non-detectable ...  like tickling a rhinoz *zz with a thrush-feather not a hemp cannon-swab. 

Comment: Crap privacy (Score 0) 382

by noshellswill (#48856965) Attached to: FBI Seeks To Legally Hack You If You're Connected To TOR Or a VPN
Ya know, when I take a crap I expect privacy. Anyone who cuts an eyewhole in my bathroom wall ... and peeks ... can expect me to  locate, retrieve, and drive a  long sharp ladies hat-pin thru that pervoz peek-a-boo eyewhole.  OhmeOHMy that's gonna hurt.  In such  manner I  intend to defend basic personal privacy; if asked I  suggest  analogous behavior to all citizens for if all citizens behave like this the 2-eyed pervo population goes way-down way-fast.  Does anyone need a postcard ? 

Comment: Can you pass Torvalds acid test ? (Score -1) 361

by noshellswill (#48838953) Attached to: Linus On Diversity and Niceness In Open Source
Linus has-the-clue. Bleeding heart lib.comz and  drooling PCrs need-not-apply! Kinda reminds me of testing  (in-the-day) a mixed bag of EE students  on  surface scattering applications of Maxwells Equations. Diversity ---> no. Dicy nicey ---> no. Blazing talent, cold determination and ruthless precision = yes.  Can you pass the acid test ?

Comment: Camelfyucking Muzzi-wogs (Score -1) 894

by noshellswill (#48820117) Attached to: Pope Francis: There Are Limits To Freedom of Expression
Your mother is **not** your church and not your culture.  If your mom is a cum-sucking  hoe then expect to fight a lot. If your culture is a viperous desert shite-whole, aan unsmoothed lunacy based throat-cutting cartoon fantasy about magic black-rocks and Muhamoods 9-yo pussy then expect to get steam-rolled in any civilized country --- you are not welcome.  I do mnot tolerate your kind. Don't come next to me ...cause I'll see you XXX. Move away or be  **sterilized**. 

Comment: G*ds virus done it. eh ...? (Score -1) 110

by noshellswill (#48800027) Attached to: Ancient Viruses Altered Human Brains
TOE fyucked-in-the-*zzwhole by un-natural selection ...  hahaha! But, who is surprised except smarmy 'science-of-the-edge' atheist pervoz. Leventals shoulders not steep enough ...  not enough genes to wrangle-random by x10  ... too many methylated base-pairs ... selection all screwed by BLACK SWANS ---  fact is, nothing , but BSs ! and driftdriftdrift  which is Darwin on a melting ice-dildoe.  gawd if you must know. Lousy time to be a toer, eh hosers?  hahaha ... 

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