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Comment: Native Hawaiians? You're kidding right ... (Score -1) 305 305

No native Hawaiians like native San or Pict who only slaughtered Neanderthal. Got that factoid ? Proto-Hawaiians sailed there and butchered-out the previous dwellers. CHOP/SLASH/HACK ! Got the picture matey? Then again this:  present-day Hawaiians are no more racist than Japanese or Chi.coms ... eh ...? hehehe. What a feckin-A fool you are, all for blo-jobbing the snowflake American Bantu savage who white-men  welfare--ized like pet vipers instead of being & NIKE.deficient & lion-eaten ! Feckin-A white fool. 

Comment: Replace with bangerboi/babymomaz buttfyuck flag (Score -1) 815 815

Battle flag? Seig Heil  faggot fyucks. You can replace Gen Lees flag with the crossed krak-pipes of Oakland/Chitown/Haalum  bangerboi/babymomaz  banner of corrupted , ignorant sub-culture run wild. You like Tongaville or BeauchuBonga? Then go-the-fuck and live there. - - get AIDS - - die - -

Comment: Re:The big three (Score -1) 308 308

Ten years eh, to join savage Bantu nations  poor, stupid, corrupted, dirty and hopeless. How abouts a  10-year plan to gulag all  green-bean, fools ? I know just-the-place in our Utah desert.  And there's a prison next door for those who wish completing the circle: --> green.bean --> nancyboi -->

Comment: Squash! (Score -1) 203 203

Pedestrians and bicyclists ... two turds on the roadway of life. All they can do - - by  mid-street dashes and by weaving, wobbling fyucked-up arrogant cycle-sillies - - is turn an innocent, safety-minded auto driver into a KILLA! Nice feckin-A work jonny-da-cycle-turd.

Bikes and pedders ought to be forbidden near any roadway with a speed-limit over 30 mph; now THAT would save lives and mental anguish.

Comment: Emotocentric bullshit (Score -1) 108 108

Ohhh ... so the po' po'  bleeding heart sheeple got a wrist-slap boo-hooo booo-hoo !  All such woman and gauchoz can GOTO pussiland and not waste my time;  march-off to nancy-boi SanFranLand where every  rum/pineapple foo-foo comes with an umbrella to catch tear-drops. Feckin-A corrupt and corrupted ..... fans and fannies with work to do can pray for an earthquake! 

Comment: Tools DO get you the job (Score -1) 255 255

Let's see: spherical trig, complex-variables, calculus,  matrix-operators, differential Equations .... yep that's a tool-chain that if mastered will get you the job.  If you live outside of a cave (mebby not!) those always have & always will. Sure, you may print graphs using a SHARP hand-held calculator  or gawd-forbid G-PLOT !!

Comment: Re:Yay for Belgium (Score -1) 72 72

Libertoon fool. OF-COURSE an individual cannot enter into an equally balanced business agreement with a large company - - - biz-nazi corp and bent-penny police can crush him like an ant anytime for any-reason. There's no more "liberty" involved than that between a maedevil peon and his local Baron. Properly, the KING "babysits" the interests of  common citizenry against  such local  power.mongering **warlords**.  As history would teach, SNACKSNACKSNACK! goes the KINGS hatchet: bouncybouncybouncy go the heads of Brin, Zuckerberg and Thiel.

That's how a KING earns his keep! Are their no exception? What about a craft-maker of the Baronettes dildoes --- doesn't she have power vis' the Baron  to make a business deal?  Libertoonian BS. As St Thomas observes, laws are made to accommodate the 99%, not the 1%. 

Comment: Corrupt since the 17-thCentury (Score -1) 337 337

Frog Sun-King Gub'mnt bytches have been corrupt since the 17-th Century and decadent since the 18-th!  Does ONE robust navel action in 500 years  make France a global player? Screw-'em. Kick  their *zwholes  hard and they'll go running for their mothers' titty - - - just like in WW2. 

Comment: Re:so trade bills (Score -1) 413 413

History teaches no such tutored **correction** will occur if enough viperous, corrupted  trade-pimps and their billionaire globalist sugar-daddies  are shot dead. Not that I support such a sound solution.  But, can we observe:

Worked for Lenin worked for Marx
Quick and dirty ends the farce.

Comment: Re:FFS (Score -1) 412 412

Oh boooo ... oh whoooo.... ya useless pussy-whipped faggot. Bantu bangerBroz and baby-momaz have long corrupted  our white N. American paradise so that N-XXX-slam  is justly a technical term of derision.

Send 'em back to Tongaland ( simultaneously driving narco.MEX wettbakkks into the sea ) and all will be well. Sort of -- then we start picking-off drooling whiners and globalist biz-Nazis.

Comment: Re:Worth anything? (Score -1) 82 82

Ohh boo-hoo nobody cares ....  spare us this enotocentric nancyboi crap. Nobody cares about the  Ethiops, nobody cares about you and noone care about me. Repeat this  human truth until it hurts no more. Then advise that Ethiopians for the last 5000 years or so have been sharp enough to care for themselves.  I'm excluding here  the injection of  Brit faggot, Italian fascist and camel-fyucking Muzzi influence.

At the source of every error which is blamed on the computer you will find at least two human errors, including the error of blaming it on the computer.