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Comment: No strings, no knots, no brains ... er branes. (Score -1) 135

Thirty years of BS! NO explanations/no predictions/no need! Worse than inflation, TMS  and AGwarmism combined. Strings ARE  a grant.pimping device meant to bloom tenure ... like a field of poison ivy blooms shine.  You be itchen' like a hound, the minute a string-paper goes down .... poisooon I..veeee, poisooon i..veeee ...

Comment: History teaches: castrate a few of the biznazi ilk (Score -1) 154

by noshellswill (#49768667) Attached to: EU Drops Plans For Safer Pesticides After Pressure From US
OKey for the yeomanry to be chemically castrated for the pleasure and profit of modern  chem.tek biznazi ... but history teaches should that shoe be placed on the other foot then a kinder/gentler Padronish heart  may appear. Legal too!  In context of current American merchantile oligarchy I JURY vote innocent by reason of self defence.

Think about it: Americans spent 700,000 lives aggrandizing Bantu savages into welfare clowns.  If we spent another 700,000 lives retrieving  primitive American values from sociopath globalist grifters would we have paid more or less for value received? 

Comment: You want right PAddy me boyo? (Score -1) 614

by noshellswill (#49761619) Attached to: Ireland Votes Yes To Same-Sex Marriage
Ya want Bantu rights, ya got bangerboi mall-fyucks ... you want wettbakkks rights, ya got narcoMEX cocaine mules ... ya want faglez rights, ya got NAMBLAized middle-schools ... nice feckin-A job PAddy the drunken black-Irish stooge. I guess the NI Orangemen kicked so much shit out of you it has to hang around some-place. 

Comment: Re:Not the Issue (Score -1) 163

by noshellswill (#49755863) Attached to: 'Prisonized' Neighborhoods Make Recidivism More Likely
Reform ? Lots ?? Recidivism ??? Std. feckin-A shithead tripe. First... the perp costs society  by victim-pain and lost opportunity costs already invested by society in the b*stard. Now a second helping ... pimp-da-perp to reward him for his crime by special attention and numb-numbs ... yep. Makes lots of sense to a feckin-A bleeding heart; they would  rather give blo-jobs to murderers than a trip to ol'Sparky!  I'd give most a fag, a blindfold and 10-min to make their piece ... then 7 180-grain steel-tips. Next.

Comment: Re:How about ... (Score -1) 529


Likely 95% of the /. crowd **block all ads**.  I do ... and  with specific exceptions always have; always  since I first hit-the-web in 1998.  Then I paid my ISP for bandwidth etc:  the WWW has not improved. A "commerce-discrete" WWW centred about USENET-GROUPS,  UTUBE-like selfies, weblogs,  and personal hobby-websites would be just fine with me. Clever commercialized websites will still surely exist -- just that dumb, intrusive  attempts get their d*cks cut off. 

Comment: You wanted business .... (Score -1) 100

by noshellswill (#49735261) Attached to: US Levels Espionage Charges Against 6 Chinese Nationals
... you got sky.infested business. Who thought otherwise?
Best to flog bloody-backed the top 1000 biz-nazis who have pimped trade. Throw in a couple dozen politicians and think-tank **bathing-beauties**.  Strip them neked of all properties and money, decimate flogged survivors and  sell trophy wives and snark children to Saudi whore-houses. ROMAN JUSTICE baby really cleans house. And provides a quick lesson that would not be soon forgotten.

Then a single USA tariff motif will do --- use it here / make it here. EOF.

Comment: Computer teaching analogous to whores come-on (Score -1) 387

No chalk no pencils? Worse than taking-away Gauss' feathered quill & Einsteins pipe! Whoring education failure ought to be rewarded.....  history teaches that  leather flogs taken to  M$ edu-pimps will return huge  student learning improvements for millions , at the price of a few dozen bloody-backed sniggering Seattle denizens.  Seattle-ites are VERY snark,  hoe-mongering entitled folks ... history again teaches that dealing out some pain will do wonders for their  true productivity and  coddled, nancy-boi sense of  value.   

Comment: Re:Affirmative Action (Score -1, Troll) 529

by noshellswill (#49708847) Attached to: Harvard Hit With Racial Bias Complaint
Not when Neolith Bantu are  collectively so stupid, lazy and violent. Analogous to permanently disabled workers, injured on the job, and now bitter & permanently supported by the gub'mnt. Too bad the Bantu disability is seriously genetic ( mean IQ=80 & **no long tail** ) and profoundly cultural - the porch-monkey-syndrome.

No trivial  solution exists within a republican politic -- if most Bantu died out fast ALL would be better-off.   For every Willie Brown and J. Jackson there are 1000 Bantu feebs and carb-sucking babymomaz; no for'ard cultural ansatz is possible with that much dead weight!

Comment: Re:USA in good company... (Score -1, Flamebait) 649

Yes indeed, butcher-out the feckin-A Muzzi-wogs here in the USA  and in their desert shitwhole viper-nests.  Isis dog-fyuckers naturally, but also Pak-i and Saudi-A come to mind. Just a few-dozen nukes would stone-age those pestilent "societies" ( rotted since Darius ) & kill-millions of Wogs making the point --- don't ever fyuck with white-Christian culture; nobody slaughters like a Christian slaughters. Jews as Semite fellow-travellers are apprised to keep their mouths shut. 

Comment: Dog fyucking Muzzi-wogs (Score -1) 284

by noshellswill (#49684425) Attached to: Third Bangladeshi Blogger Murdered In As Many Months
You wanted Camel-fyucking Muhamud blo-jobbing Muzzi-wog culture? You got it pal.  Right outa 11-th Century desert (swamp) shitwholes. And to think some of the pimps are jewboiz figuring what could be worse than Aryan blood? Better re-evaluate that slabbering tolerance gene!  Fool. Gotterdammerung!

Comment: Re:A.I.? (Score -1) 403

You see slobbering BS every year from agenda-driven byte-nazis pimping gub'mnt handouts. Godel says 'no strong AI';  intelligence is non algorythmic. END-OF-STORY.  AI oxymorons, while byte-boiz, Weiner-dudes, MLMerz, Princess Lea pervoz   and neckbeards  pimp-the-slut like two onions in a vodka martini.

Get over the  simpering drool byte-hoes; go back to your chisel and clay tablets.

Comment: wage slaving H1-B pimps (Score -1) 612

History teaches put down a few H1-B boss-pimps and the issue goes away. The y-1910 coal miners in Pa had to do it ... you think it's politely, bloodlessly different now just because of  Bush + Obama.nations FBI/HLS gestapo?  As a working man history records clearly ... you are *zzfyucked with that false conceit.  Pinkerton thugs did the MANs  biznazi dirty-work chores last century. Irish bosses slaughtered Slovak coal-miners in Lackawanna and Luzerne counties, till the workers armed and shot back. Think it different now, pad're?   Fool. 

Comment: feckin-A micro-crap (Score -1) 131

For US "productivity" to go down, USA workers are getting more money for less work. And investors/MBA-sluts are getting lower ROI which is a good thing. Ranji Pangi is getting a good *zzfyucking and it's long overdue. Now to ensure further loss-of profit for investor-sluts , a universal USE-IT-HERE/MAKE-IT-HERE tariff system with large sharp teeth is needed. Liz Warren I'm a good republican fascist  looking for a fight and can't die young ---  Obama.nation pimps WallStreet so where are you? 

Comment: Large racked American white-tail deer thrive ... (Score -1) 146

... in a PAY-FOR-RACK hunting environment. Need to grow more fierce man-slashing Siberian Tigers,  & mean huge-tusked African elephants,  and stomp-yo'-*zzwhole musk ox.

"Yo Vinni pass me that 375-cal ... SPLAT -- ouch ---

Humans are natural born killaz except for the SanFran style nancyboiz and boo.hoo.babes.  If you want more appeal to the human male killer instinct and crush PETA-peeing-pervos with an iron bootheel. Or feed 'em to the 800-Kg genetic hybrid lions.  Kinda like growing nasty sperm whale for  **spear-yo-spouter** uber-wealthy whaling parties.  Get the clue? Lots of whale & ox then !!

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