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Comment: Gub'mnt warmist pimps (Score -1) 379

by noshellswill (#49137557) Attached to: Lawmakers Seek Information On Funding For Climate Change Critics
Eco-scientists pimp the statist line: more regulatory power for the Gub'mnt. No mystery since the state bribes (funds) most scientists and the states prime interest is increasing its own power. Gub'mnt power goes UP ...   self-sufficient yeomanry freedoms and power go down.

Scientists pimp the statist slant cause blo-jobbing Gub'mnt  fattens their wallet. Gub'mnts favor any motif ... from Bantu affirmative action,  wetbakkk immigration to AGW ... all of those ansatz plead regulation  thus  increasing Gub'mnt power.  Scientists grovel after scrapes the Gub'mnt tosses to its bitches. No ... on any **funded** issue I would not trust a professional scientist as far as a rattlesnake can piss.   

Comment: New crap in Linux kernel (Score -1) 261

by noshellswill (#49112593) Attached to: Linux Kernel Switching To Linux v4.0, Coming With Many New Addons
What is all that "new crap" in the Linux kernel-4.0 ? What does it do (excluding guruz & byteboyz) that RedHat6 did not? None of it appears to have any relevance to me ... a casual Linux lusr, welded to full-tower desktops, rejecting smart-phones and drablets and joined-at-the-hip to NVidia midrange cards. 

Comment: Re: Wait ... (Score -1) 196

by noshellswill (#49095111) Attached to: A123 Sues Apple For Poaching Employees
Employees putting down (BANGBANG) 1/2-dozen employers who pimp "enslavement" contracts ought to  do-the-trick.  Puzzy biz-nazis learn fast;  worked  great in the American Civil War eh pad'res ? "I JURY" sez 'innocent yerhonor by reason of new *zzwhole cutting for wealthy bastards'. Think they gonna run-to-China ... hahaha rigid use-it-here/make-it-here tariffs and ROMAN JUSTICE for shysters solve that issue.

Civil War two against FatKat cosmopolitan globalists ? Fyuck yes ... el-Kyda and ISIS have re-learned us all the asymmetric warfare tricks.  Yankee colonists knew them; the only rule being **don't lose baby **. 

Comment: No Linux "casual user" improvement since RedHat6 (Score -1) 716

by noshellswill (#49029269) Attached to: Is Modern Linux Becoming Too Complex?
Sure Linux is too tough for the mass of computer users; RedHat6 was the last real improvement.  That's why Linux desktop market  has been stuck at 0.87% for 15 years. But, Linux is not too tough for the majority of its users ... the  script-spouting guruz and CLANGish byte-boy dudes who comprise 90% of the Linux market. No bytch ... those kind weiner-dudes  allow a bit of  **trickle down**  usability  (see UBUNTU ...) for  the several-hundred-thousand Joe-6-Paks who artlessly  hackwork using Linux as part of a work-defined computer appliance. It's clear ...  for its nitch Linux is not-too-tough.

Comment: Re:I've got this (Score -1) 400

by noshellswill (#49017687) Attached to: An Argument For Not Taking Down Horrific Videos
3rd option ... the terrorists  & their pimps are physically PUT DOWN/EXTIRPATED with extreme prejudice ... because of widespread revulsion at the recorded outrage. Yeah yeah I know each terrorist gets to lay 70 virgins ... good luck pals getting fyucked in hell.

Are the vigilantes not worse than terrorists? If you need to ask that question then just get out of the way.  Vis' Joe Stalins terrorist state  the Nazis had that much right no matter how many kommiz Elanor Roosevelt boinked. 

Comment: Swatting ? (Score -1) 327

by noshellswill (#49008543) Attached to: Swatting 19-Year-Old Arrested in Las Vegas
No ... flogging is what the expressionist  bytch needs. Very entitled, eh ... he got rights! Express those rights by slicing  the skin off his back and throwing the bloody remains into a gutter.

Then consider the public behavior of Demorat and RepubliFat national politicians ... have they acted any better ?? 

Comment: service.tuned media screws investors (Score -1) 214

by noshellswill (#49003457) Attached to: Verizon Sells Off Wireline Operations, Blames Net Neutrality Plans
Enjoy the buttfyuck investors .... citizen yeomanry can generate costless  media build-out by removing all pimp$$$ from wettbakkk border-jumpers and Bantu babymomaz ... let 'em starve;  put-down whimpering Obama.nation SJWs as needed.  Take back the sold (stolen) electromag bandwidth and pocket the money as a fatkat *zzkicking.  Lay the feckin-A  new cable and erect electro-trees. Rich/poor/bozos all $30/month/usr ought to return a 5% ROI for local schoolboards.

Yes ... fyucking rich  monopoly-whoring b*stards in-the-*zzwhole provides a lasting pleasure. 

Comment: Re:Company does exactly what it says it does... (Score -1) 619

by noshellswill (#48970221) Attached to: Google, Amazon, Microsoft Reportedly Paid AdBlock Plus To Unblock
Running FFox on  Ubuntu_14.04/MATE:

I run ADBLOCK+ and have  always **allowed  by check-box** selected ads to be displayed. Fair's fair. But. I have yet to see the first ad! Anywhere !! None nada noone nix nyete zero --- where are these "selected" ads? Are they(?) clever enough to know I've been surfing parts for  a new XEON_1270.v3 workstation build ??  I'd like to see a couple relevant ads cause the  tek (can we say BIOS etcetc) details are potential show-stoppers. It appears vis' advertizing that ADBLOCK+ still keeps my screens more-chaste than Caesars wife.

Comment: Wa nancyboiz (Score -1) 779

by noshellswill (#48961301) Attached to: WA Bill Takes Aim at Boys' Dominance In Computer Classes
Don't like alpha-males eh palsy?  Gonna make gurls goouy ??  Mybad &  tufftit! The fagotty smell of Seattle statist, nancyboi DemoRats is well known.   What's next after trashing the best-of-the-rest  --  blind-the-farsighted & cripple the swift ???  It's back to the Seattle bath=house for you and  Belltown blo-jobs all-around.

Comment: Seig Heil gestapo bytch (Score -1) 431

Message snooping  of citizens is not a power our American Constitution grants to the Gub'mnt;  read the feckin-A document!  You & your brown-shirt pals violate the Constitution and as a sovereign citizen I do so declare.   So take yo black boots off Leslie and get an *zzwhole whipping for being such a  flaming Nazi hoe.

The Tao is like a glob pattern: used but never used up. It is like the extern void: filled with infinite possibilities.