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Comment Poachers ... liberals ... what's the difference ? (Score -1) 176

Great game idea from a historical perspective. Yes yes I know American lib.com  thought-crimish power-sluts think they're unmeltable  snowflakes .  PCon locals hardly object, but  Tibetan gamr monks you say??  HaHa! Bet they can write script as well as type so  here's the game to change that lib.com attitude real fast!

Requires an AMD card you say? Damnation there goes another pot-of-beans. 

Comment Re:Holy shit, this is some wank. (Score -1) 165

No election bean-counting palsy;  history teaches war works different. Prolly need only a determined  and trained 1/3 of the (white) male population. They are already armed and memed  to suppress neo-Stalinist lib.coms, Bantu savages and narco.MEX bangerboiz. Say a modest 15-million dead in CW#2, and an equal number driven away.  Military stays neutral so Obama.nation goons don't get the NUKES.  Wailing women and blood ankle-deep in all cities,  but  the benefit - - - an American paradise again. What - -  did you think (re)publican paradise comes free palsy ?

Comment demos = kommi bullshit (Score -1) 165

America is a republic, **not** a democracy. Comprende pad're ?

Gub'mnt powers are strictly limited to those explicitly delegated.  All other powers rest with freely associated adult white males, as the Constitution originally defined.

'Bout time WE fixed power-slut Abe Lincolns over-reach and returned babes to that context in which they are most ... amusing.

Comment no ... never ... almost never (Score -1) 654

I live in Jacksonville, and being 65+ riding the bus is free. Free anywhere - - in warzone downtown and in huge disconnected berbs some ISIL-controlled FWIW  and in isolated/desolated malls and in ghetto-banging beaches ....  Free anytime - - during 105-F/95% humidity  heatstroke summer (5 months) and spring/fall ( ~ 35 minutes in total) icy NE rain. Half-the-year Jacksonville is hellish and a PST (personal survival tool the auto & glovebox 357-cal S&W ) Get the picture palsy?

During the 6-month "winter" a personal car will get you to the Fed and State parks west, north and south of Jacksonville where it is truly paradise ... but only if you have your own car. And of-course the PST! **NB** wealthy snowbirds live on-the-water and take motorboats to their friends on-the-water mansions.

Comment Re:Reeducation Camps (Score -1) 173

Yes, the neo-Stalinist THOUGHT-CRIME warriors arise like gorefest-zombeez, in-the-form of malicious self-serving SJW Demo-rats. All abstract agitprop no humanity , facts like little(big) girls would rather play with boys and babies than **blood-bool** XORs (apologies to S.King) ... pervo dykdykes excluded of-course.  So broboi get dem  kidskin outreach programs a'rollin and we'll have another Obama.nation XXX.fest where "HELLO WORLD" replaces new Obama.cars, Obama.phones and  carrot-barf cookies. You can hear the H1-B sluts singing:

hiho hiho
it's  jobs we do love so ...
the girls screw up
those poor lil' pups   .......

Comment fewer (Score -1) 99

Both maths and history teaches, if a few dozen trademark trolls were shot dead, then there would be (lower bound) a few dozen fewer trademark trolls.  Now tis true - -  laws vary as we know and noman wishes a scofflaw reputation - -  but generally if trolls were lawyers  then it would even be legal.

Comment Native Hawaiians? You're kidding right ... (Score -1) 305

No native Hawaiians like native San or Pict who only slaughtered Neanderthal. Got that factoid ? Proto-Hawaiians sailed there and butchered-out the previous dwellers. CHOP/SLASH/HACK ! Got the picture matey? Then again this:  present-day Hawaiians are no more racist than Japanese or Chi.coms ... eh ...? hehehe. What a feckin-A lib.com fool you are, all for blo-jobbing the snowflake American Bantu savage who white-men  welfare--ized like pet vipers instead of being Obama.phone & NIKE.deficient & lion-eaten ! Feckin-A white fool. 

Comment Replace with bangerboi/babymomaz buttfyuck flag (Score -1) 818

Battle flag? Seig Heil  faggot lib.com fyucks. You can replace Gen Lees flag with the crossed krak-pipes of Oakland/Chitown/Haalum  bangerboi/babymomaz  banner of corrupted , ignorant sub-culture run wild. You like Tongaville or BeauchuBonga? Then go-the-fuck and live there. - - get AIDS - - die - -

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