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Comment: Re:A linear induction motor is not a railgun. (Score 0) 314

by norpan (#34650254) Attached to: Navy Uses Railgun To Launch Fighter Jet

There are only two significant figures in 240, and only one in 300. Please do not do metric conversions with more significant figures than your inputs.

On the contrary, please don't drop significant figures during intermediary calculations. But do round the final answer to 6.5.

Comment: Re:Does it still exist? (Score 1) 196

by norpan (#33973464) Attached to: Record-Breaking Galaxy Found In Deep Hubble Image

Actually, the way we see it is the way it is "now", from our point of view. Remember that time is relative.

What this means is that there is no concept of "now" at the location of that galaxy that corresponds to our "now", apart from the point we are actually seeing.

There is no objective observer that can observe both points "at the same time", and in fact no such correspondance exists.

To answer your question: yes it does still exist, at least from our point of view of time.


+ - Phishing attacks on Tor anonymisation network->

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juct writes "The guy who published account data of 100 embassies finally revealed, how he got this delicate information: he implemented a TOR exit node and sniffed the traffic routed through his system. And apparently he is not alone: According to heise Security during the last year the number of TOR exit nodes in the US and China multiplied. They located 26 only in Beijing."
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