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Comment: Re:It means more memory for great applications. (Score 1) 554

by norite (#48053039) Attached to: Lost Opportunity? Windows 10 Has the Same Minimum PC Requirements As Vista

"Microsoft deserves full credit for keeping their system size and complexity down over the past few revs"
Um, have you seen the size of a win8 install? It weighs in at around 17Gb

By contrast I can still fit a newly released version of a Linux Distro onto a single CD, DVD or memory stick

Comment: Re:But, will they learn from their mistake? (Score 1) 681

Ah, but the difference is, they introduce new features, and remove the existing options. Under KDE, they introduced the same gimped start menu that win7 ships with. I hate it. BUT....KDE give users a choice to use the standard kde 'start' menu, if they wanted to. Why is a massive company like microsoft seemingly incabable of realising that users need and want choice and customisation in how they want to do things? seriously, how hard is it to leave the start menu alone, but give users the choice to enable/disable it? Why can't I resize the start screen tiles to exactly whaetver size I want? or colour them anyway I like, or theme them, or give them some depth, or change the shitty boring icons to something more skeuomorphic, and pleasing to the eye, so that I actually know what they mean?

For win7, I have to install a 3rd party tool like classic shell in order use the normal start menu.

For a long time, there was this thing in software design, where users could customise to their hearts content and make things look the way they wanted to; now it's all about removing choice and options, and 'It's this way or nothing' mentaility. It's really poor thinking. Office 2013...there are 3, yes 3 colour schemes...blinding white, light grey, slightly darker grey. It looks fucking awful!!! It looks like a rough and ready beta version, where they couldn't be arsed to make it look decent.

Big reason why we switched to linux and never looked back. I'm grateful to the developers for giving us the choice in how we want to make things look.

Comment: Re:Why are you using the touch interface with a mo (Score 1) 294

by norite (#46700195) Attached to: Windows 8.1 Update Released, With Improvements For Non-Touch Hardware

LOL, that's sheer insanity....on KDE I just click the shutdown button that I have on my taskbar (Right next to the KDE application launcher menu)

You can save yourself the torture by installing a start menu replacement and disabling all aspects of metro :)

Comment: Re:Die, die, die, flat UI elements (Score 1) 387

I hate all this flat, bland look as well, most especially with websites. Makes you stop and wonder what's actually clickable or not, also the icons don't resemble familiar things. Makes no sense, why do they make it a challenge for people to figure things out. I also hate how they don't put borders around things, so images etc. just bleed into the page. It's messy and ugly, and things aren't broken into sections; it's simply not pleasing to the eye. Couple that with extra large super size light grey fonts on a blinding white background....It looks absolutely, completely ghastly. Whitespace wasteland.
It's why I love KDE interface so much...the icons are lovely, and it has some DEPTH, plus it's beautiful to look at.
This whole minimalist, flat bullshit reminds me of mullets....they looked god awful back then, even more laughable now. In 5 years, folks will be looking back and going OMG, did we really design stuff like that?

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