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Comment Re:What's to stop Sen from putting it back up thou (Score 2) 34

Yet Lenin was the one who gave about 40000 rifles and ammunition and about 200 kilograms of gold to finance the Kuva-i Milliye, the militia fighting, what was later, going to be called as Turkish Liberation War, against the mostly British, French and Greek armed forces. People making such assertions as "they hate each other since such and such time" should at least know the history a little. The reason why Russia and Turkiye is now at this impasse was because the Puppet Turkish president, with the hopes of evading equivalent of being court-marshaled and defecting to the US, is playing the hand of US administration. Yes there might be an incursion to the Turkish airspace and if so, the Turkish air forces were in their right to down that plane etc but these are not what we, the eternal people, know the real truths about. It is the Kabuki theater play put forward for the masses to believe.

Comment Re:No union needed (Score 0) 262

That is akin to "the law already protects the innocent citizen, no need for a lawyer to dip his beak into the citizen's money bag."

A law is just some sheet of paper, you need people to actually enforce it.

You sir, sounded like a perfect union shill. Unions are the cancerous cells in in the free market today. We are not living in 1930s when, a handful of people could dictate what the workers will get as compensation for the work done. Especially not in the IT sector. And don't make me laugh insinuating unions being the enforcers of the law. They are more like Mafia enforcers than anything else. You know collect "protection money" and get fat without doing nothing other than scaring you. Now, go peddle your crap to other, less educated people. IT industry will be better off without your kind hanging around.

Comment Unionizing is never the answer in the long term (Score 2) 350

And the battle has to start somewhere. If it is a handful of lawsuits, let it be. I am sure more will come, once people start to hear these and by a miracle they get some foothold and succeed. And you spoke just like a union shill... Unionizing, creates union fat-cats in the long run, as if it looks like they are doing some good at the beginning. Once things improve a little, they start lining their pockets, doing nothing, off the backs of the union members, cripple economies, keep incompetent workers in place. Just look at California State Teachers union and CA state employees union. abysmal performance for abysmal pay in both, yet the union bosses drive Mercedes cars and fly first class, get free seats to any major sporting or performance event. I don't want to see it in the IT environment.

Comment Hellooooo lawsuits. (Score 1) 447

I hope they, the we website operators, have a very big warchest, to go on endless wars with the lawyers of people from all walks of life. Unless of course, lawyers are the ones who are fueling this fire. I can not see anything good coming of this type of site. The guy you had a tiff once in your high school years, or your ex, whom you didn't have an amicable separation, can trash you and your reputation in an instant. Of course you can retaliate in the same way but it is a loose-loose premise.

Comment Show me a good reason (Score 1) 403

I am not saying this only to CIA Director John Brennan and FBI Director James Comey, but all government employees in control of my personal data: SHOW ME GOOD REASON WHY I SHOULD TRUST YOU !. Do this and I will relinquish all my fears and let you put back doors in cryptography and let you spy on me to your heart's content. But don't come to me with made up stories about how may terrorist attacks you prevented or will prevent, but tell me what you did to protect my privacy. Explain me why Chinese hackers or whoever else got hold of personnel office's data, so that I can forgive your ignorance and agree to what you want to do with cryptography. CAN YOU ? I think not... Then "F" you...

Comment Color me skeptic but... (Score 1) 622

Is there anyone with a scientific background, who believe wholeheartedly, without a doubt, that the angels came from the sky and dictated holy scriptures of any widely popular religion to any of the so-called prophets ? Of course, all of them, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad and some lesser known and to a certain extent, self-proclaimed prophets were nothing more than motivational speakers, who put multiple pieces of common sense information into the same text and peddled it as "holy scripture". And doing the right thing by any religion's book is the right way to live. I am not talking about kill-all-jews-and-christians beliefs of some ku-ku believers of Islam, the believers of jews-are-the chosen-children-of-god crap or you-can-not-do-anything-right-by-god-unless-you're-catholic crowd. I am talking about the principle of living by the golden rule, which at the end all religious texts suggest. And if Mohammad has collected Koran from older sources, what difference does this make ? Does it diminish the value of the teachings ? We all know the prophets are smidgen above the snake oil peddling charlatans. So ??? Big deal... Tempest in teapot in my never so humble opinion.

Comment Carly Fiorina ?? Oh My Gawd !!! (Score 4, Insightful) 130

After slaughtering a once a beloved tech company, HP, and causing a big grief at Lucent, is this a big surprise that Carly Fiorina is not getting any love from the tech sector ? I think she should not be allowed to make decision even on her behalf, let alone technology or god forbid United States.

Comment And the question is... (Score 1) 391

If robot's are making such strides in productivity, what are the flesh-n-blood drones doing to deserve the pay ? Obviously robots are doing a lot as the productivity is noticeably increased, generally means, people are getting paid the same for doing less. Or putting it in other words, the jobs that robots are performing, could be performed by less reliable, more expensive and larger number of human beings. I am wondering how soon the management will realize that they can replace most humans if not all, by robots and be done with the productivity loss, slacking on the job, etc. problems ? And What will happen then ? Will the humans take jack hammers, chain saws and attack the entities who dislocated them from their jobs and caused the loss of income ? Let's say the employers gradually phased out humans by not hiring to replace retired or otherwise lost workforce, what will happen to the unskilled labor ? Not everyone is cut out to be the programmers for those robotic systems you know...

Comment Housing bust 2.0 (Score 1) 940

Last time around, it was the corrupt bankers who were and still are too big to fail, fanned this fire. Now it is the builders' turn to screw you and I, the average Joe, over. The common theme seems to be the buyers who are getting shafted. And short of a revolution, as in the sense of bearing arms and storming the government offices and banks, there is no way to stop this trend. Although, the possibility of working remotely for most of the developed countries' work force, should make the areas, once deemed inhabitable, a good possibility, and availability of modular housing components, may turn the tide over. But this sounds like pipe dream to me and I am an engineer and computer guy. I don't think I will see affordable housing which is not hundred and some miles away from my workplace(s).

Comment expanding the H1B #s is good for nobody but few (Score 4, Interesting) 407

For US: tech workers will suffer from unemployment or suppressed wages For H1B holders: The Tata's and Infosys' of this scheme will dangle the green card carrot in front of you while raping your wages to the tune of 50% For US companies: Economy will look like a spaceship, which no one can stop from going up Then the tech bubble will blow stockholders will suffer Indian H1B workers, who were waiting patiently for their green cards will be sent home with nothing to show for Recession will depress the job market for the American worker Who will benefit from this ? The few C- level executives with a golden parachute exit plans. It will not be their problem to fix the mess. It is the next sucker's problem to deal with. Tell me what is good about this plan ?

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