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Comment Creditability lost (Score 4, Insightful) 124

At this point, downloaders can't have confidence that any software coming from Sourceforge hasn't been tampered with and might include unwanted guests. Till they establish ethics in how they host software which conform to what most users expect from a software download site, they are a no go for me

Comment Re:Kind of disappointed in him. (Score 1) 681

It's hard to know his intentions, he does tend to be a bit smug, but I might just be reading into him. As a Christian, I think it's pretty cool Newton's birthday was on Dec 25th. I'd put a Newton ornament on my Christmas tree. He was scientists, mathematician, inventor and theologian.

Comment Re:Blatent memory leaks continue. (Score 1) 237

Strange, because all the people I know who switched away from Firefox did so because of the persistent memory leak issue which has only gotten worse version after version. How can the developers not find something that is so plainly observed by so many people?

Comment Re:This has been doctrine for decades. (Score 3) 669

Plus 60+ years ago Pope Pius XII declared no conflict with evolution, and this was built on top of earlier papal doctrines from 1909 and 1893 and that stated it had no objection to evolution and non-literal interpretation of the book of Genesis outside of human creation.

Comment good for the ecosystem? (Score 1) 555

I think it could be potentially good for the free/open source software ecosystem for there to be multiple developed solutions to the init system being used out there. I think at this point, a fork could potentially be a lot of work, so I hope they are able to express a more complete vision of future goals, and perhaps differentiate itself For instance, will they try and become Free Software endorsed by the FSF?

Comment Re:Quality of Slashdot discourse in death-spiral (Score 1) 267

> Look slashdot: If you don't like something stop being whiny luddite bitches and fix it. That's what open source is about.

People would rather give excuses which reveal they haven't even done a cursory review of the technical aspects involved. People confuse passion with effort, and actually working on open source takes effort.

Comment Re:Critics should take positive action (Score 2) 993

People fork distros all the time, it's not as dramatic as you make it sound. You also have Gentoo and other distros based on it not using systemd, like Funtoo. Both Gentoo and *BSD could use development help. You could also work with uselessd, whether on the project itself or work on adapting a distro to use it. Start with smaller pieces and if people like what you do, others will join in to help.

Comment Critics should take positive action (Score 3, Insightful) 993

I haven't like the changes he's caused in Linux, but none of those things are the way one should deal with it. If you don't like where Linux is going, fork things and make it the way you like. These types of actions you'd expect from people with no discernible skills to be able to contribute. If you have skill to contribute, put the work in, if you don't have skills, put some work in and gain them.

Comment forcing them to enforce a flawed policy (Score 2) 305

The best way to show a flawed policy is to force them to actually enforce the policy. Too often we enabled flawed policies and rules to flounder because we ignore them or find ways around the policy. If you want to change the policy, enforce the policy. For too long, Facebook's real name policy has been indiscriminately enforced. Many users persist for years with obviously fake names, while other people feel the full force of the policy, usually those in discriminated groups. This happens all the time in real life, where enforcing agencies will selectively enforce policies or laws on targeted groups. Selective enforcement of the law can be illegal as it runs counter to the equal protection act and 14th amendment, and corporations need to be careful that they don't run afoul those in discriminatory business practices.

Comment Re:Systemd integration counted as a positive thing (Score 1) 403

I would say that there are some extremely bad and troubling design elements at play *if* indeed the initial process is now dictating the graphical desktop. Does upstart or openrc have this issue? Yes, initd was old and needed to be replaced, but it had already been satisfactorily replaced on many distros with upstart, which also provided backwards compatibility and didn't take over your entire system in onerous ways.

Comment A brisk walk works wonder (Score 1) 291

I got diagnosed with high blood pressure and got the doctor pressure me into starting to use blood pressure meds. I was also cautioned against losing "too much" weight even though I was clearly 17 lbs over the recommended BMI zone. I got a blood pressure monitor and started experimenting. In the end, I found that taking a 45 minute to hour brisk walk, had the most lasting and immediate effect on my blood pressure, even more so than the medication, which I've stopped taking.

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