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Comment: A brisk walk works wonder (Score 1) 290

by noldrin (#47883877) Attached to: Link Between Salt and High Blood Pressure 'Overstated'
I got diagnosed with high blood pressure and got the doctor pressure me into starting to use blood pressure meds. I was also cautioned against losing "too much" weight even though I was clearly 17 lbs over the recommended BMI zone. I got a blood pressure monitor and started experimenting. In the end, I found that taking a 45 minute to hour brisk walk, had the most lasting and immediate effect on my blood pressure, even more so than the medication, which I've stopped taking.

Comment: Re:Maybe, maybe not. (Score 1) 749

by noldrin (#47456585) Attached to: Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours
Quite true. For instance if I live in one state and work at a company located in another state, my home state can not compel the company to withhold income tax, unless of course that state opens a branch office in my home state, then they can legally compel my company to take withhold money in the foreign state.

Comment: Re:Google already has the technology to fix this (Score 4, Interesting) 132

by noldrin (#47426579) Attached to: How Google Map Hackers Can Destroy a Business
I'm not sure that they want to. The way they seem to be verifying authenticity of listings is through Google+, the current situation encourages businesses to sign up and properly set up their Google+ pages, if they fixed it, then there would be far less need for the companies to use Google+

Comment: Re:Freedom of thought (Score 1) 392

by noldrin (#45595515) Attached to: App Detects Neo-Nazis Using Their Music
Actually the order of the bill of rights has no meaning on importance, and it's a false inference people constantly make. What we now know as the first amendment was actually the third listed amendment in the bill of rights, it's just that the first two amendments were not approved by the states at the time, so only 10 out of the 12 amendments in the Bill of Rights passed.

Comment: Re:Forgetting some of our Blockbuster Hate? (Score 1) 385

by noldrin (#45417097) Attached to: How Blockbuster Could Have Owned Netflix
I remember back in '95 being told about Blockbuster censorship and hearing about people worrying that would put the nifty independent video stores out of business. Luckily our local stores mostly survived Blockbuster, it was Netflix and On Demand that finally killed them off. There are a lot of interesting movies I saw back in the day from those stores that I can't get now through Netflix or On Demand, and sometimes I can't even purchase through Amazon.

Comment: Different Learning Styles (Score 2) 348

by noldrin (#43400873) Attached to: Teachers Know If You've Been E-Reading
The problem is Professors want you to read the book as enrichment, but don't actually teach from the book, or test from the book. My last few years of college I stopped buying the textbooks (as the professor would put one on hold at the Library) and found that not opening the book didn't reduce my grades. Now they can reduce your grade for not reading. This is similar to homework, which I found no link between that and understanding homework. I had classes where I performance with excellence on the testing, but the lack of my homework reduce my grade to unsatisfactory.

Most Colleges subscribe to the theory there is one way to learn, which is not true. I've been in classes where they berate the class for not taking notes. I've never take notes as I found they actually reduce learning for me. They way I learn is listening to lecture, walking around and thinking about them, and then a good night sleep. Most of the other methods of study lead me to temporary remembrance of the subject matter. I stand by my methods of learning as I find that I'm able to recall facts and apply them to subject matter I learned in High School and my peers who sometimes performed better than me on tests appear to have no memory of ever learning the topics.

Comment: Will I have to get a Google+ to use it? (Score 1) 205

by noldrin (#43234211) Attached to: Google Launches 'Keep' To Rival Evernote
I've recently migrated most of my online cloud docs away from Google to Evernote because Google has been getting continuously creepier. Recently they have been trying to shove Google+ down my throat, which demands my real name. I plan to continue this trend with moving to a new email service and a new search engine. I love their products, but they are determined to drive me away from using them.

Comment: Picking your fights (Score 1) 1174

by noldrin (#43092623) Attached to: Orson Scott Card's Superman Story Shelved After Homophobia Controversy
I agree. If I only read or looked at art from those I completely agree with, I would hardly ever read or look at any art at all. On top of that, I would hardly have anywhere to shop, or anything to buy. Homosexual marriage is not the only issue out there, heck to me it's a very minor issue. I care far more about continuation of the species issues, such as carbon emissions, gmo pollution, penicillin resistance and many many other issues. Both parties crusading on opposite ends of various morality issues is a great way for them to distract the public in their near complete failure to provide solutions to actual issues of substance. They can no longer even create solutions to the artificial problems they create, such as sequester. How more dysfunctional can we get while millions get worked up about teenage immigrant welfare mothers on drugs or whatever the issue de jour may be.

Comment: Mutations (Score 1) 374

by noldrin (#43069577) Attached to: New Research Sheds Light On the Evolution of Dogs
The summary says that mutations happened after they were hanging on, but generally we see wild animals develop those types of mutations after being domesticated or farmed, when the gene pool starts to become more shallow. There is no reason for the dogs to start to differ from the wolf population, till they are fully separated. When you take a look at the challenges encountered by fox fur farmers, you start to see how dogs started to change away from wolves. Although the whole topic if dogs have actually yet speciated from wolves is also of note.

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