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Comment Re:Who watches the watchers (Score -1) 243

3) The United States Federal Government was obstinately set up to minimize the aforementioned trend, but several big mistakes (Reynolds v. Sims and the 17th Amendment top the list) along the way and 200 years of mission creep have undermined most of the protections put in place.

I never understood why people complain about the second amendment. How could the direct election of senators be a bad thing? Being a senator used to be the ultimate political patronage job, reserved for robber barons and others with lots of state influence. Now they are elected by the people of the state. What is the heathy problem here. How does that weaken the nation and freedom?

Comment Re:GAMBLING FUNDS TERRORISM!!!11! (Score -1) 354

Well, it looks like our fun has come to an end - I made the mistake of posting a pro-apple comment to a motogoog thread, and got down modded into oblivion. It was fun to troll and counter-troll with you. Btw did you ever check the ip address? It points to slashdot.org! Here comes noh8rz3...

Comment Re:Apple becoming a patent troll? (Score -1, Troll) 240

hey andydread or should I say android-head? if schmidt didn't get a DVD with the source code, how were they able to create android so quickly from scratch? how come so many of the features and API are the same word for word? and how come he used to be on the board, but was fired?

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