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Comment: Re:One factor frequently left out (Score 1) 319

by noTimeAtAll (#39754901) Attached to: Game Theory, Antivirus Improvements Explain Rise In Mac Malware

No major business runs their corporate infrastructure on Macs. No major sites with valuable data I know of are hosted on Apple hardware.

Oh! I know one company. Its IT infrastructure was built by a guy who really loves Macs. Now everybody at the company hates him.

Comment: Re:Does this COMPLETELY delete them? (Score 1) 262

by noTimeAtAll (#36594258) Attached to: Facebook Blocks KDE Photo App, Deletes Users' Pics

If it does, I guess we've solved the mystery of how to make sure a photo is actually removed from Facebook instead of just removed from your profile and stored away in some archive forever...

It's not like they want to store your photos of disputable value. Update operations on server's HDD are simply faster than delete operations. So FB just marks photos as unused (instead of actually deleting files). How often do they purge the unused content, is another question.


+ - Microsoft reveals details of Windows Phone 'Mango'->

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BogenDorpher writes: "Microsoft is beginning to give details on its next major update to its Windows Phone 7(WP7) operating system. The update, codename 'Mango', is set to arrive on WP7 handsets later this year.

During the MIX11 developer conference, the head of Windows Phone Program Management, Joe Belfiore, said that Microsoft was hard at work on creating a platform that will help sell more applications to engaged users. "The next release of Windows Phone represents the evolution of our strategy for ensuring that developers are at the forefront of 'what's next' by investing in even richer customer experiences, a powerful application platform and a thriving ecosystem.""

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