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Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 94

I'm on Arch, 4k resolution, using an Nvidia GTX980. Nvidia driver 352.63. I would try 358.16, but that driver is broken for me and causes my 4k monitor to start going nuts no matter what configuration settings I use.

The freezing doesn't happen often, but only happens on badly encoded videos that triggers it. But when it does happen, boy is it annoying! I can login SSH and kill X, but even when I restart X, videos no longer work and instantly freeze the system again forcing me to reboot the whole system anyways.

Comment Re:California (Score 2) 42

The problem is that California has all the logistical capacity and ports in the state that drops costs down dramatically, especially when a lot of final production manufacturing is still in California. So you're still going to have a very hard time competing against a business who deals with the bullshit regulations in California when their business is next to your huge potential client and next to every other supplier or have easy access to the port for shipping, bringing their costs down dramatically despite the bullshit. Most places in California have an advantage where a lot of manufacturers are very nearby. Try that in Idaho, where your delivery times will be 1-2 weeks from suppliers or clients, because they're all in California still.

You might have better luck in Las Vegas or Reno, but when the I15 gets screwed up (Which it does quite often), you're pretty much screwed. Or Mexico, in Tijuana (Huge manufacturing base booming there), if border issues don't screw you up.

Despite what people say, businesses are still coming to California, more so than they are moving out of the state. I'm not advocating that California is right in doing what it does, because I do think it's stupid, but it's not having this huge impact as some people think because of what I stated above. People for now are still willing to deal with the bullshit as the total costs balance out compared to other places. Most of the businesses you hear about leaving are usually the ones without permits and some of the crappiest equipment you could possibly imagine.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 42

You can tell this is a hit piece and someone actually went to the trouble to dig this crap out. Who the hell reports on permit violations? Seriously, I can go to any manufacturer and find a lot of places with either no permits or violating a whole lot of regulations, yet it goes unreported or no one even cares. Why this focus on Tesla's manufacturing equipment? What next? Are they going to report that Tesla's equipment is not according to plans and the power to the place should be shut down?

In the meantime, from the sounds of this AQMD report, it sounds like Tesla should just move this operation to Mexico like every other manufacturer that requires printing or painting. AQMD's nonsense has brought absolute misery to a lot of people in California which forces them to use more inferior products to operate in California and unable to compete with other businesses out of state or in Mexico. A lot of places don't even require these type of incinerators which costs a huge amount of money, energy and there is ZERO return on them. We don't use them to generate energy (Unless you have a smart engineer design something clever to use this heat for something, which I doubt, our engineers are stupid) and they use up more precious fuel to burn all this crap.

Comment Re:Tried it, couldn't use it (Score 1) 352

That's because Photoshop is just better. I can train someone to use Photoshop in 5 minutes, even people that are not computer savvy. Try to train someone to use GIMP, it'll take ages. I can't even train myself to use GIMP with that horrible UI. I mean good God, the Photoshop UI has barely changed for YEARS and it just works. GIMP has been utilizing that horrible UI for years and doesn't want to change.

Comment Re:Fork (Score 1) 352

That's because LibreOffice sucks as much as OpenOffice. No big deal to switch between either of them. LibreOffice just had the upper hand because it was removing all the java crap in it.

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 352

I gave up when they said GIMP is not a going to compete against Photoshop, they just want to edit gif for websites. That was years ago and I'm sure they still have the same mentality. I stopped caring for GIMP and since then, it sucks even more.

Blender on the other hand is amazingly pretty great. The community is great and hasn't been taken over by morons. Now if we could only get the Blender life, developer base and ideas to make something better than Photoshop and lightroom, I'm all for it. GIMP is definitely not it.

Comment What's so exciting about this? (Score 1) 60

We've had all these micro computers for over 2 years already running Chrome, linux and now Windows. Just go to Amazon, you have plenty to choose from (My favorite was the MK808). You can run Netflix, hulu, amazon prime, whatever on it just the same. What changed? What's so special? Seems Google is way late to the party on this when there are WAY better offers and devices just on Amazon alone.