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Comment Re:Won't buy from Motorola or Verizon again! (Score 1) 122

Don't forget Samsung as well who still to this date haven't really done anything with Stagefright. And Google still hasn't really completely patched against it for how long now? These phones are starting to be worse than Windows 98 full of malware and spyware.

Comment Re:Hmmmm (Score 1) 181

UL is not an excellent example. UL standards are 20 years behind European IEC standards and a good 10 years behind most NFPA standards. You'll find the whole world now follows the IEC and European self-certification than UL because of UL's nonsense. They have no intention of fixing this and they have made it clear they don't want to work with Europe at all ever since UL went from non-profit to for-profit company and became UL LLC. UL also does not lower your insurance rates, at least all the insurance companies I deal with for my facility, they don't care. UL is mostly like a parasite within our government and OSHA. They've done more harm to the US market and safety in the past 10 years than they ever have.

Now, if you mentioned FM Global, then yes, they list products and they're also an insurance company, while lowering your rates if you use them.

Comment Re:I smell a rat here... a stinking rat (Score 1) 471

And who's going to enforce that? Police usually don't give a damn to enforce EPA rules. This is why all this stuff happens. US Government agencies don't ever work together, they're all against each other. Police and EPA is no exception. This is why the aftermarket is so huge and there isn't enough people in customs to check every package to see if it complies with EPA rules, because they don't care either (Which is why Amazon is full of this stuff, even illegal).

Comment Re:When did i start ad-blocking activel?: (Score 1) 351

Started ad blocking when I saw the first moving ad that would avoid your mouse cursor to close it back in the 90's. Haven't stopped ad blocking, nothing has changed since back then. Ads still contain malware and viruses. And as you have discovered, it makes low powered computers completely useless for browsing the web unless you do block all the ads and movies.

These threats of websites going to pay wall sites if you ad-block are just empty threats that will never happen, and hasn't happened, because they know the amount of money they will get from that will be practically zero, since no one will use them. Seriously, these paywall threats have been going on since the 90's.

Comment Re:Can I jump ship yet? (Score 1) 88

Civilization V, Witcher 2, Cities Skylines, Left 4 Dead 2, Counter Strike, Team Fortress 2, War Thunder, Borderlands 2, Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor (I was surprised with this one)... The list keeps growing lately. What was that about AAA games not being on linux? Granted, not all the popular games are on linux, but quite a bit of them are already.

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