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Comment Re:You are forgetting something crucial (Score 3, Insightful) 449

Sure they do. It's called facebook. More women use facebook than anything else. You're more likely to find a cheating partner on facebook than anywhere else without having to pay anything. And facebook would protect your damn privacy from your spouse more so than Ashley Madison ever would. So what's the point of Ashley Madison?

Comment Re:OPen sores!!!!11 (Score 1) 316

Not as bloated as MSOffice. There's nothing wrong with using either of them, but these people expected miracles from moving out of a proprietary system to an open system without putting any effort whatsoever into it. I don't have a problem with using libreoffice in my work environment because I forced everyone else to use it exclusively. Works great. Any old excel file/programs were simply converted to work right in libreoffice (Yes, surprise, you actually have to do some work to migrate to a different system!). And I don't have anyone send me any MSOffice files.

Meanwhile, have you tried opening an old document file in MSOffice with a recent copy of MSOffice? Absolute disaster just the same. I've seen some places have Office 97 and Office 360 together because the old docs don't look right in the new Office or some functionality removed. If you don't have the time, money or effort to properly migrate, then yeah, you're going to have problems no matter what. A lot of these businesses could have easily just hired some college kid part time to help them migrate, but they don't want too. A lot of these places don't even have any plans on how to properly migrate in the first place. Not even any plans to make sure updating MSOffice doesn't screw up everything.

Comment Re:OpenOffice not feasible if you have to share do (Score 1) 316

The problem is people are dealing with MS Office and they still try to do MS Office stuff in Openoffice or Libreoffice. I have no problem using Libreoffice in my environment because we don't use anything Microsoft to have compatibility problems at my workplace.

Comment Re:Just what I need (Score 2) 111

Definitely not in the basement. I use the Raspberry pi in an industrial setting all over. Mainly I've been using it for industrial displays and touch screens. It works wonderful and it's far more slick than any Panel View with crappy icons. Cheaper too of course and very easy to replace. It has made R&D fun again in the manufacturing world and try out new ideas and it has allowed a far range of competitors to the big guys with far more features without all the clumsy backdoors.

Comment Re:Patched in Cyanogenmod in tonight's nightlies (Score 1) 42

Meanwhile, all those manufacturers barely offer any updates to fix anything. That's why I stay away from them. If it doesn't work with Pacrom or Cyanogenmod, I don't want it. I still have all the Nexus phones on the latest updates, except the Nexus One, I've finally put that phone to rest even though it was still running great. The other manufacturers, the phones barely last a year before they unofficially and silently discontinue it by just not doing any updates at all.

Comment Re:Air Gap or use some Router-Fu (Score 1) 515

Especially if you do anything with engineering applications and industrial programming. For example Siemens being incredibly selective on what Windows OS you have running that it has forced everyone that uses Siemens to just install VMWARE so it works on everyone's laptop. This nonsense still continues to grow at an exponential rate that I'm starting to lose all out control on things. And with the larger and growing list of devices that are completely locked out, it's making this problem even worse.

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