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Comment: It's the flashy "store" people want (Score 2, Interesting) 278

by nmoog (#30481226) Attached to: Firefox Mobile Threatens Mobile App Stores, Says Mozilla
"Over time, the web will win because it always does." Yeah, over time... "over time" linux will win too. It's true most of the apps from the app store could have been made identically as web apps. But then they wouldn't have been on the app store - and no one would have ever seen them. I'm continually shocked at the amount of money the non-nerds (bosses, project managers, those other people who I'm not sure what they do except go to corporate lunches) at my work spend on the app store. MONEY! that's crazy - I've never seen people voluntarily spend MONEY on apps before! But Apple made a great system for "the normals". They don't want to trawl the web for nifty web apps (like this JavaSript platform game I may or may not be shamelessly plugging). The just want a happy little environment where they can buy stuff while pretending to be typing important emails during meetings.

Comment: Re:Pseudonyms, encryption and Identity theft (Score 1) 150

by nmoog (#27593905) Attached to: Academics To Predict Next Twitter and Its Pitfalls
I was going to say that pseudonyms are no help anymore, because other people will tag REAL stuff and point it at your pseudonyms. For example, I have NEVER put my real name on my blog. But search for my name on google and my blog is the first result. And it sure doesn't take much work to find my name from my pseudonyms either. (This may have been addressed in the article, but I couldn't read it because it started with the word "Boffins")

Comment: Re:This is actually pretty cool (Score 4, Interesting) 659

by nmoog (#26602981) Attached to: Bill Gates' Plan To Destroy Music, Note By Note
It is a damn interesting piece of shit software - i had a go: it would take any of my inane wailings and put some decently picked chords to it. Sure they they were played through some horrible GM sounds: but they tell you the chords (and the file format is just a renamed zip file with a .wma file and and xml file which contains all the chord info)

I don't know how good you are at listening to a monophonic sound source and deriving the key and related chords - but I suck at it. This software is a toy, but it doesn't mean you wont get something useful out of it!

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