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Comment: Re:Stupid question (Score 1) 388

by nlann (#28779541) Attached to: Laser Ignition May Replace the Spark Plug

Diesel engines work without spark plugs -- they compress the air before injecting fuel; the compressed air is so hot that the fuel ignites by itself.

My truck has spark plugs, and every "consumer grade" diesel engine I have ever seen has them. So where did you hear of this non-sparking engine?

These are pre-heating sparks used for warming air in cylinders before starting the engine

Comment: Re:stupid (Score 1) 204

by nlann (#27251069) Attached to: UK Gov't May Track All Facebook Traffic

They are obviously not targeting terrorists.

They simply want to be able to collect more information (read evidences) about you and me, information that can be useful during investigations, or in a court.

Let's say you declare a very little income to your government, but at the same time you keep posting travel pictures, photo of your new Porsche, etc...

There are already companies which specialize in tracking and profiling people online. It's just a matter of time before police follows this trend.

Comment: What about Evolution? (Score 1) 249

by nlann (#26674885) Attached to: Exchange Comes To Linux As OpenChange

I've been using Evolution and the Exchange plugin to connect to my company's Exchange server.

I can access mail and online calendar with not much problem. There are some annoyances, but I can live with them.

I would prefer OpenChange and Evolution work together in improving the already existing stack instead of creating a new one...

Comment: Tomato helps you monitor bandwidth usage (Score 1) 656

by nlann (#24827781) Attached to: Typical Home Bandwidth Usage?

Either implicite or explicit, there's always a cap on any ressource. Now it depends on the cap :)

Like everybody, I also don't like caps. When I started using cable back in Paris in late 90's, my stupid provider imposed very low limits, like max 500mb upload / month. And at the same time, they had no problem advertising their service as "Unlimited Internet access" on every wall in the street.

300gb seems to be high enough. In July I downloaded a lot of via Bittorrent (HD stuff), and total trafic for that month was 74.70gb, as reported by my Linksys router running Tomato firmware (http://www.polarcloud.com/tomato/). Normally, I would use from 12 to 25gb/month (2 persons, with lot of streaming radio).

Operating Systems

+ - Lenovo polling customers about Linux distributions->

Submitted by nlann
nlann (1125759) writes "Lenovo launched a poll on their blog (interesting blog by the way: http://lenovoblogs.com/insidethebox/). The question is: "What Linux distribution would you most like to see supported on a ThinkPad?"

Answers ranges from Windows98 to MacOS X, but Ubuntu seems to be the winner: http://lenovoblogs.com/insidethebox/?p=98"

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The Internet

+ - Europe wants to block search of dangerous keywords

Submitted by nlann
nlann (1125759) writes "One week after three mens were arrested in Germany while assembling a massive bomb, Reuters is quoting EU Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini.

In the phone interview, Frattini declared: ``I do intend to carry out a clear exploring exercise with the private sector ... on how it is possible to use technology to prevent people from using or searching dangerous words like bomb, kill, genocide or terrorism''.

When questioned about privacy, Frattini answered: ``Frankly speaking, instructing people to make a bomb has nothing to do with the freedom of expression, or the freedom of informing people''.

Is Europe moving to a China-like censorship?"

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