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Comment: 4 weeks notice (Score 1) 892

by Monkk (#44578427) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: When Is It OK To Not Give Notice?
I gave 4 weeks notice to an employer I really liked.  (Reasons for leaving are too much to go in to now.)  I found that after about a week and a half, I had pretty much wrapped up hand offs for all my projects and no one was coming to my with any new stuff.  The final two weeks were complete and utter boredom.  Unless there is a compelling reason otherwise, I would say two weeks is probably sufficient notice.

Comment: Re:I would be happy to run Linux if all games do (Score 1) 951

by nion (#42035345) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Video Games Keep You From Using Linux?

Same here. It's not any specific game, it's pretty much *any* game. If I want to run Deus Covert Ops VI: Metal Edition on release day, chances are I'd have to boot to windows. I have linux partitions on all of my systems and run linux everywhere I can (media server, xbmc, etc) but when it comes down to which partition to boot into - Windows usually wins simply on the off-chance that I might want to play a game and don't feel like rebooting every time that happens.

Comment: External Drives & RAID (Score 1) 355

by nion (#38492068) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Kit For a Home Media Server?

I'm doing about the same thing, though my overall capacity is much lower due to the fact that I haven't been able to upgrade my 5 750gb drives in a few years. However I went to an external enclosure (Venus T5 from Newegg) and raid5. If the box is in the house, yeah I can see how you might not want an external enclosure next to the tv. However, once you stick it in the garage, that becomes moot. Who cares what it looks like in the garage? Run some cat6 to it, put a gigabit switch on the network (or 2 or 5) and enjoy having a nice, quiet living room. I'm using boxee boxes as the media frontends - one actual dlink box and a pc running ubuntu and boxee.

I personally hope HD prices start to drop sometime soon, I'd REALLY like to upgrade those drives but can't justify the prices right now for the size I'd like (at least 2TB).

XBox (Games)

+ - First Look: Left 4 Dead 2->

Submitted by iamacea
iamacea (1665143) writes "A street corner reminded me today (see below) that I’ve been waiting to beat a zombie to death with a frying pan for months now. Then, I remembered that the L4D2 Demo is out today! I quickly headed home, powered on the Xbox and started the download. After not too much time, I was knee-deep in zombie-goo. Luckily, the real zombie apocalypse does not come so easily."
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Comment: Re:Scalzi on Stross on ST (Score 1) 809

by Monkk (#29746225) Attached to: Why Charles Stross Hates Star Trek
Yep, I definitely concur. I've received several freebie books at conventions which have invariably led to me following up with purchases by that same author. Another success story is the Baen free library.

It is sad that so many of these large media companies are unable to grasp the changing landscape of content delivery. It's almost like a mantra for corporate America, "Since it has always worked this way before, then it should always work this way hence."

Comment: Re:Scalzi on Stross on ST (Score 1) 809

by Monkk (#29738613) Attached to: Why Charles Stross Hates Star Trek
I actually just finished Android's Dream! I really enjoyed that book, though I went in to it thinking it was part of the Old Man's War books, so was a bit confused initially. The ending was spot on, though. :)

I'm currently reading Zoe's Tale. Not as strong of a start as Android's Dream but still seems promising to me. Once I'm done with this, and David Weber's By Heresies Distressed, I'll be sure to check out Agent to the Stars.

Comment: Re:Scalzi on Stross on ST (Score 1) 809

by Monkk (#29737871) Attached to: Why Charles Stross Hates Star Trek
Oh! I recently (this year) started reading Scalzi's Old Man's War books, and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I wasn't aware he is also a consultant on SG: Universe. Unfortunately I haven't been able to fully engage in any of the SG series. (Even when the Farscape folks crossed over.) But this might be the tipping point. I'll definitely have to check it out. :)

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