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Comment: Re:Kill the bill (Score 1) 103

by ninthbit (#36761618) Attached to: Texas and Taxes: Is a Server a Business Presence?
If anything, this law would help create jobs. It demonstrates that the Texas government will actually clarify ambiguity, which in turn provides businesses such as webhosts the ability to operate in clearly defined guidlines. This encourages businesses, it says "host your servers here, we won't screw you with an outdated tax law."

Comment: Re:Use the Droid platform (Score 2) 267

by ninthbit (#36750640) Attached to: An Inside Look At the Rise and Fall of RIM
Because they have NO other choice. It's a "stay and play with the new rules" or "get out of the game" market right now. They no longer have a unique competative advantage other than their established userbase. Setting up a blackberry app that runs within an Android environment could setup a system in which people can bring their own device, but not have to deal with complete Corporate-IT lockdown of the phone since BB runs in it's own little sandbox.

Comment: Re:How will this impact hardcore infringers? (Score 1) 342

by ninthbit (#36558078) Attached to: US ISPs, Big Content Reaching Antipiracy Agreement
I pirate because I'm cheap... If my solution to allow me to pirate movies costs me an additional $20 a month, then I'll just lower my tier of bandwidth and use netflix and redbox. I don't care how I get my media, just so long as it's the cheapest possible way. Currently that's fast internet w/ uTorrent using RSS feeds for my TV shows and Piratebay for my movies. I only need crazy fast internet to make my torrents go faster. If my ISP discurrages that, then I'll bump down to the minimum required for streaming. Their loss, netflixes gain.

Comment: Re:Trust (Score 1) 189

by ninthbit (#35942188) Attached to: Malaysian Government Offers Free E-mail To All Citizens
Actually, if they have a PKI setup as using smartcards may suggest, then this email account will likely be their most secure communication platform. It would only depend on how secure their private keys are. In any case, its more secure than an unencrypted mailbox that ANY law enforement agency or ISP employee can peek into like traditional email accounts.

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