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Comment: It Happend to me...... (Score 1) 146

by ninji (#29589117) Attached to: Retrievable iPhone Numbers Raise Privacy Issue
Two days after I got my iphone and new number, I hadn't given it to a single person or posted it anywhere or updated my contact information anywhere, nobody has my new number. I then downloaded about 20 iphone apps that day. Later that day, and for 2 weeks following, I received about 8 phone calls a day from various online colleges such as everett, AIU, and a slew of other online colleges that googling reveals are scams and the majority of search results are people complaining about getting 8 calls a day from them. I called back one of the times and inquired about my 'account' with them, in which they had both my number, and said I had signed up online to receive these calls as I had submitted I Had interest in being a student there, which I do not and did not. Unless at&t provided my number to this company, one of the iphone apps had reported my number to this service, and that's just not cool. It could be coincidence or perhaps my new number was used by someone previously, which is what I wanted to think, but with all these free iphone apps, It just makes sense that someone would desire to profit from them.

Comment: Two BIG issues with this. (Score 1) 764

by ninji (#22818738) Attached to: MD Bill Would Criminalize Theft of Wireless Access
First, I have multiple friends who have served hours of community service, spent nights in jail, and paid large fees JUST for using someones wifi. Officers pulled up to them infront of a school and arrested them for using its wifi.

Second, when I first got my wifi card, a realtek, I installed it, then the drivers and included software, the SECOND the installation completed, it automatically found the nearest unencrypted network, and connected me, I didn't tell it to, I didn't say which network to connect to, nothing, total automation. Under this act would I go to jail just because the card's software automatically does such a thing?

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