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Comment: You are full of it (Score 2, Interesting) 564

by ninetyninebottles (#46670853) Attached to: Was Eich a Threat To Mozilla's $1B Google "Trust Fund"?

"Since nothing is stopping gay couples from having ceremonies and living as if married, as far as I can tell, gay marriage is all about forcing acceptance and government benefits."

You're half right. This isn't about forcing acceptance. It's about forcing equal treatment under law. It's a little thing called "personal freedom". You can be critical of gays and of gays getting married all you want. The minute you try to use the government to force your beliefs on other, by denying them the same choices everyone else has, however, you've stepped across the line into the "anti-freedom" camp. When you do that, fuck you and the horse you rode in on. You rightfully deserve scorn and boycotts and the label of "bigot". If Eich doesn't like gays getting married, fine he can talk about what he thinks and try to persuade people. That's not what he did though, is it? He worked to try to force his view on others by controlling their actions with legislation.

"If the gay community and it's supporters put as much effort into really creating equality for all, instead of selfishly grabbing benefits for themselves..."

Umm, grabbing benefits everyone else has IS creating equality for all. All your attitudes are a rehash of the same bullshit we heard about interracial marriage and marriage for non-christians. Go back to the stone age already.

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by ninetyninebottles (#46376251) Attached to: Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

"No one at the local Whole Foods is trying to impose their beliefs or customs on you our your secular government."

Well, that isn't necessarily true, because many of the same people who shop at Whole Foods are active in the anti-GMO movement.

Hmmm, maybe I'm not familiar with your particular kind of "anti-GMO" movement. Here in Real America (laugh it's a funny) we don't even have labeling so people know what is and is not GMO and the only political action has been on attempts to provide that information. If you count accurate labeling of food as anti-GMO, well then maybe you should think about that for a second in terms of whether it is pro or anti science.

Comment: Re:Dominican Republic, Iran and Thailand stats (Score 2) 322

There was a study last year I read, although a quick Google search does not find it. I think it was "New Scientist". The gist was that the more expensive a car was the more likely the driver was to violate a studied subset of traffic laws including giving right of way to pedestrian in crosswalks. The study stuck in my mind because of the studied cars there was one exception that really stood out in the data, the Nissan Leaf for some reason had drivers that were much less likely to violate those laws, compared to drivers of similarly priced cars.

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by ninetyninebottles (#44636941) Attached to: <em>Diablo 3</em> Expansion Announced: <em>Reaper of Souls</em>

I'm a casual gamer. I don't mind shelling out some money for a weekend or two of fun. I bought Diablo 3 and at first it was, okay, but not on par with Diablo 2. I often ended up dying or at least being very annoyed when network lag interfered with playability, and of course there is no offline mode. That was annoying. But the real problem came when my account was de-activated randomly one day. Well crap, that's strange, but I had the serial and the login and password for my account, how much of a hassle could it be? Several e-mail exchanges and numerous broken help pages later, they finally decided they needed a copy of my driver's license! WTF?

I might consider another game from Blizzard in future if they ever manage to implement a level of DRM that doesn't inconvenience me, their customer, quite so much with poorer gameplay and stupid bureaucracy. I tossed Diablo 3 in the trash, sent an e-mail explaining why, and bought a better game (for less money) from their competitor.

Blizzard has done nothing to address what was wrong with Diablo 3 for this customer.

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by ninetyninebottles (#44419289) Attached to: Apple Faces New China Worker Abuse Claims

Anyone can come up with any kind of policy, and what Apple is doing is merely giving lip service to their "policy"

Have you been following the news? Apple stopped doing business with two suppliers. They forced the companies using child labor to pay for those kids to go to school and pay them wages while they went. They forced several companies to pay all the overtime they were trying to bilk employees out of. Any they did all this for years and openly published their audits before anyone paid any attention.

Who else has done anything? Who do you buy your computer from that is doing better? You are part of the problem Mr. Cowboy. Stop and think. Apple published these audits and reporters used it as dirt to write articles like this one. The company you buy from published jack and shit and has done even less. What are you doing to solve the problem? Who are you buying from and why?

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by ninetyninebottles (#43386185) Attached to: Is the DEA Lying About iMessage Security?

Well, according to Apple's own (scanty) information on iMessage and on third party analysis, it looks like it is some sort of end to end encryption with Apple serving as the cert authority. it may well be that Apple cannot intercept the messages as the system is currently designed and can only reissue a certificate by killing the old one (and thus alerting the user because their iMessage stops working). That is by no means certain, but if it is not the case then Apple might have a false advertising lawsuit headed their way.

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That is why I don't understand why its they include other thin clients?

I think you're confusing Pwnium with Pwn2own. Chrome OS was the only thing in the former. The latter did not include any thin clients, just Chrome on Windows, which failed along with every other browser offered for testing on Windows.

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by ninetyninebottles (#43058633) Attached to: How Competing Companies Are Jointly Building WebKit

Except WebKit isn't copyleft.

The core components are LGPL, which means if it is distributed contributions have to be submitted back. That's pretty copyleft in my book, in fact it is about the most copyleft license I know of that is practical for a library that the developers want to be widely used.

Comment: Re:Good engineering? (Score 3, Insightful) 392

If Apple are having the compress the high-rez signal to get it out or over the cable, then it's a step backward.

Agreed. I did not mean to imply this was a good technology (either the port or the adaptor), just that conceptually putting a chip in the cable seems like an excellent idea.

Comment: Re:DIY Fuel Air explosive (Score 1) 582

And as an added bonus, none of those countries will have obsessive gun culture, and gun crime is relatively rare.

I always wonder about people who use the term "gun crime". Does anyone really think, "man I'm glad this guy is beating me to death with a hammer because guns are just so scary." In the nicest places to live violent crime in general is very rare, regardless of the tool used. I've heard it said (and there is some justification) that americans are obsessed with guns, but there are certainly particular countries in Europe just as obsessed with lack of guns, to the point that they use terms like "gun crime" without ever thinking about it.

Comment: Re:What Hapened to KHTML? (Score 1) 125

by ninetyninebottles (#43056325) Attached to: How Competing Companies Are Jointly Building WebKit

Stritcly[sic] speaking, WebKit is the fork. Credit where its due.

Strictly speaking, they're both forks of the same code. While some people use the term "fork" to try to indicate a spin off of a code base, that sort of connotation becomes really murky really fast. Is LibreOffice or OpenOffice the fork? It all depends upon your perspective. In truth, like forks in the road, when code diverges both divergent code bases are forks.

Comment: Re:Good engineering? (Score 5, Interesting) 392

Really, needing a computerized cable is just silly.

Actually, it's a step forward and it's not the first technology to do this. The basic idea is, make the port a smart interconnect and let a smarter cable be more adaptive. That way a 4 meter cable can be tuned differently than a 2 meter cable and you can use the same port for a cheap copper cable or a long but expensive fiber cable. Regardless of how relatively expensive the cables are, replacing the computer is harder and adding new ports to mobile devices, even most laptops, simply doesn't happen. This makes a nice, future-proofed port for your laptop, phone, peripheral, etc. that will have real longevity.

Comment: Re:The way things have been going. (Score 4, Insightful) 582

First, you can easily make something that requires great strength using 3D printing if all you are printing is the mold into which you pour molten metal.

Generally, making a strong steel or steel alloy requires that it be tempered after hardening, but that needs to be done before you cut precision features like rifling into them. So, 3D printing is unlikely to work in that situation although you could certainly make some assault shotguns. People can and do make their own firearms now using machining tools that anyone can buy, but they are expensive and take skill and thus don't offer the untraceable proliferation problem that is the main issue posed by 3D printing.

Comment: Re:What Hapened to KHTML? (Score 1) 125

by ninetyninebottles (#43055643) Attached to: How Competing Companies Are Jointly Building WebKit

Does anyone know what happened to KHTML?

It is still the default in Konqueror although many users swap it out for Webkit. Kubuntu, probably the largest KDE distro, dropped Konqueror for a Webkit based alternative, so the KHTML fork of the code seems pretty close to dead from my perspective.

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