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Comment: Re:How unsafe could that be? (Score 1) 96

by nil0lab (#41994367) Attached to: Honda's "Micro Commuter" Features Swappable Bodies

Safety is not as correlated to size as you might think. I hit a car parked on an interstate freeway and walked away with mere scratches and soreness after my Smart Fortwo went spinning like a theme park teacup ride. Now every time I drive me 2nd Smart, I see big sheet-metal cars (most of the cars out there) as deathtraps. Next time you see a bad accident, note the crumpled sheet-metal. I am very glad to have a car without that.

Comment: Virgin Mobile ( (Score 2) 134

by nil0lab (#39341441) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Who Has the Best 3G Coverage In California and Nevada?

Virgin Mobile ZTE Peel is a Mifi-like device with a value proposition that's hard to beat for lower-end users (500 MB for $20 for one month) and the device is like $30 IIRC. Perfect for Waze or Google Maps or e-mail checking or light web. Not good if you watch videos or skype or download podcasts. Sold with iPod touch original gen in mind but actually works as a universal wifi gateway. Plus it's non-contract. Coverage map is Sprint's- they don't do their own.

These devices are sold at Radio Shack and Best Buy in the SF Bay Area- I don't know about other states.


+ - "Open source" MP3 player requires propriet->

Submitted by nil0lab
nil0lab (94268) writes "Make Magazine's store is offering a so-called "Open Source MP3 Player" that upon further inspection turns out to require a proprietary compiler- the "More info & specs here" page offers "The hex files, if you can't afford to buy the compiler."

I normally like Make Magazine, and O'Reilly, their publishers, but I think here they are taking a bit of a liberty with the term "open source"."

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