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Submission + - Car hacking - it's FAR too easy... (

Bruce66423 writes: "Consumer Reports got an eye-opener during a visit to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) laboratory. The publication’s editors were surprised when a technician turned off the engine of a test car they were driving using nothing more than a mobile phone. NHTSA has found ways of tampering remotely with door locks, seat-belt tensioners, instrument panels, brakes, steering mechanisms and engines—all while the test cars were being driven.

"Last summer, for instance, during a meeting of automotive engineers and security experts, a 14-year-old schoolboy showed industry experts how to take control of a car remotely using circuitry he had lashed up overnight with $15 worth of parts bought from Radio Shack the day before. The youngster turned the windscreen wipers on and off, locked and unlocked the doors, engaged the engine-start mechanism, and had the headlamps flash to the beat of a tune on his iPhone."

There is hope: "This being litigious America, the automakers concerned quickly found themselves in the legal cross-hairs, as owners sought financial compensation for their vehicles’ perceived vulnerabilities."

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Our telecommunications infrastructure is not secure. The industry has had strong laws with long prison sentences attached, so they never felt the need to secure anything. There have been plenty of people who have hid their locations for years before the FBI tracked them down. That was pre-internet. Imagine how easy it is now when you can hide behind proxies and VPNs.

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