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Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 2) 78

As far as In know, SABRE still runs on System/360 today.

It was created in the 50's, migrated to System/360 in the 70's, and is still the central system where all bookings of all airplanes are registered, and where travel agents from everywhere in the world can check for availability, make reservations, etc.
The main interface is a console. I've seen several attempts to create GUI's but they can't fully replace the efficient text-based interface that exists to enter commands and see results.

If you ever fly on a plane, your booking went through that system, no matter where on this planet you live, or where you went.
There's an impressive number of transactions going on in that system, with lots of clients and lots of data in there.

Comment Re:because (Score 1) 876

Quicksort was an example of something simple, that wouldn't be very efficient to implement using a non-text language.

Anyway, kids nowadays with their fancy languages and 800MB frameworks. They have a ".sort()" routine built in and immediately think that anyone writing those 10 lines to suit their specific situation is doing something deeply wrong. :-)


Submission + - Rare Borland Memorabilia for Haitian Relief ( 1

santakrooz writes: Embarcadero employees, many of whom are original Borland engineers and employees from the early Turbo Pascal, Quattro Pro, Paradox, JBuilder, Delphi and Borland C++ teams, are auctioning off rare and historical Borland memorabilia to raise money for Haitian Relief efforts. Proceeds are going to the Clinton/Bush Haiti Relief Fund.

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