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Comment An interesting but not thorough study (Score 3, Insightful) 236

I'd like to see a more thorough investigation with this method. The paper says they used 33 reviews from Gamespot UK to collect the data, and while I don't disagree with its findings (Gotta have good controls, bad plot doesn't matter), I wouldn't turn Table 5 (categories by importance) into a Game Design Bible. Then again, the paper does say "This paper is primarily intended to inspire further work in the field."

Comment Re:Xcel = PLEASE READ (Score 1) 367

I AM GLAD you are doing this. Because now you open up the dialogue in which we discuss what I am going to CHARGE YOU per kilowatt hour that I GENERATE.

The power companies would love to have this discussion but (as pointed out elsewhere) federal law has fixed the price at exactly the same price they charge you.

Life is a healthy respect for mother nature laced with greed.