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Comment: Automatic back button (Score 3, Insightful) 193

by nicolas.kassis (#33881902) Attached to: NY Times Confident of 'First Click Free' Paywalls
When I see a news site requiring registration or subscription I just hit the back button. I don't think I've ever subscribe to any news site. There is just no point considering there will always be open news site (Always,Murdoch and al. can't do anything about this). If the first click is free then it might entice me to check out the site for more news and potentially sign up. It would need to be high quality news site to get me to sign up. NYT is probably one of about 5 newspapers that can even attempt such a model. My local paper became subscription only online. I use to check the site out every day. I haven't check it since the change.

Comment: Re:More evidence of the W3C's increasing irrelevan (Score 1) 205

by nicolas.kassis (#33816160) Attached to: W3C Says Don't Use HTML5 Yet
"Pretty much anything that isn't canvas or video isn't implemented anywhere" That statement is pretty inaccurate, many of the features in HTML5 are already available and things like WebGL will be available by year end (Firefox 4, Chrome 7). In fact, I'm already building software with WebGL which has actual users.

Comment: Re:What about emacs (Score 5, Insightful) 183

by nicolas.kassis (#33785406) Attached to: Free Software Foundation Turns 25
I guess you are probably right but I still think he doesn't get the cred he deserves as a genius programmer. Before the GPL he was single handedly reverse engineering all of Symbolics stuff as a way to screw them for taking code from MIT's mac project and close sourcing it. That code was written by teams of very good hackers. That + emacs + gcc == incredible code writing. Some of the best MIT Hackers still say they we impressed by how much code he was churning out during that time.

Comment: Re:My first "bump" where this law could help (Score 1) 221

by nicolas.kassis (#33758884) Attached to: House Democrats Shelve Net Neutrality Proposal
But they aren't choosing, Disney/ESPN is. Why should the ISP make you pay for something you might not even want. ESPN3 is very cool but my mom won't ever watch it. I'd pay money to get the service, but ESPN won't let me. Disney are being douchebags, the ISP are just not letting them fuck you over. I'm in support of the ISP in this case. If ESPN had their way, the phone company would have to pay to let you call ESPNs tech support. I'll say it again, if ESPN allowed me to pay to get the service I would.

Comment: Re:Look on the bright side... (Score 1) 153

by nicolas.kassis (#33734630) Attached to: Browser-Based Deep Space Nine MMO Coming In 2011
It was a bastardized 3rd person shooter. You could use positioning and cover but it was awkward. You had 5 pets (bridge officers) who were supposed to help you out but they usually got stuck on some tree somewhere. The mobs would just all hit you and you had to figure out how to use your bridge officers as meat shield. Had they tried something like a cheap version of a FPS it would have been great. I had high hopes for STO. Sadly they botched the release (to early, 1 year would have given them time to fix a whole bunch of issues)

Comment: Re:Interesting criminal justice system in the US (Score 1) 149

by nicolas.kassis (#33712906) Attached to: Man Gets 10 Years For VoIP Hacking
Thanks I didn't know where it was defined but I know it happens since many canadians have been able to get a transfer until bush took office. I know of one famous cases that has been blocked in the last 10 years. A murderer sentenced to death. The Canadian gov was asking to have spend life in prison in Canada. That was refused.

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