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Comment: Re:"Thus ends "Climategate." Hopefully." (Score 1) 497

"They fund a whole series of institutions doing science trolling." What institutions? What evidence is there the Koch brothers are involved? You give one example of a group that you say got shut down. Thats not the "huge grants for disproving or challenging anything related to AGW" that you said there were.

Comment: Re:Let them drink! (Score 2) 532

by nickittynickname (#47329367) Attached to: NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks
A hospitality room is a hastily spelled hospital room - go to one some time, there filled with poor people with minor illnesses (colds, flues, things like that) because the hospital emergency room is required to treat people if they can pay or not. Your right that eating habits arn't limited to the poor, he is saying that poor eating habits are more common in lower class. They are generally less educated, including education on nutrition, and are more likely to buy cheaper and less nutritional meals. What he is saying is not wrong nor being a "nazi".

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by nickittynickname (#47208529) Attached to: Teacher Tenure Laws Ruled Unconstitutional In California
1) The abuses go both ways. That's why the need for tenure is in question in the first place. At every place I ever worked, even though it's at will employment, management made sure to have a good case together before letting anyone go out of fear of any litigation. Through the court system there is some level of protection if rights are being violated.

2) You second statement can be said for anything. "The long history of [insert whatever you want here] abuse definitely shows some sort of protection is needed."

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by nickittynickname (#47102533) Attached to: Chelsea Clinton At NCWIT: More PE, Less Zuckerberg
This is my anecdotal experience with a company that built a software product. The majority of engineers were men. The product owners (those that had final say) were not engineers but business majors. They had more influence as to the product result than the engineering team did. Just because engineering isn't 50/50 doesn't mean that women are not adding to technology development.

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I agree. When I started off I did two things wrong that ended costing me a lot of experience. I didn't start off simple enough, and I didn't seek help when I really needed it. You need experience planning your program and going large at all will make planning difficult. If you do a larger project break it out into smaller projects, proof of concept each feature separately. When you feel you have a grasp on the pieces then try to put it together. You will find things you thought were simple take a long time.

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I thought when I was at the apple store it was higher. Guess I was wrong. Thanks pointing out. $100 for a $10 - $20 battery is still crazy expensive. The idea remains. Replacing the battery replacement cost is 20% of the device. This makes for a strong motivator to buy the latest and greatest. Going elsewhere isn't for the average consumer. They don't want to think about it or take risk and a non-apple repair facility.

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